Scheduled Downtime definition

Scheduled Downtime has the meaning set forth in Section 5.2.
Scheduled Downtime means downtime scheduled at a mutually agreed time, as listed in the Order Form, or as described in the Supplement.
Scheduled Downtime means periods of Downtime related to network, hardware, or Service maintenance or upgrades. We will publish notice or notify you at least five (5) days prior to the commencement of such Downtime.

Examples of Scheduled Downtime in a sentence

  • Provider may, from time to time, perform scheduled outages of the Services in whole or in part ("Scheduled Downtime").

  • Provider shall use commercially reasonable efforts for Scheduled Downtime in a manner that is of minimum interruption to Customer.

More Definitions of Scheduled Downtime

Scheduled Downtime means the total minutes in the reporting month represented by the Maintenance Window.
Scheduled Downtime means any period of scheduled maintenance used to perform any necessary changes, including any period scheduled by the Cloud Platform Vendor. Scheduled Downtime comprises: (a) planned and scheduled maintenance periods, as notified by IFS from time to time with reasonable notice; (b) where necessary, scheduled additional maintenance windows, as agreed with Customer, to implement Customer- approved changes of the IFS Cloud Services; and (c) Cloud Platform maintenance operations (scheduled by the Cloud Platform Vendor with notice provided approximately one week in advance). Service Level - Availability Target and Service Credits
Scheduled Downtime means the aggregate number of hours in any month during which each equipment, is down during Total Operation Hours, due to preventive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, infrastructure problems or any other situation which is not attributable to the Contractor’s (or Contractor’s) failure to exercise due care in performing Contractor’s responsibilities.
Scheduled Downtime means the number of minutes during the Month, as measured by Sensus, in which access to any Application is scheduled to be unavailable for use by Customer due to planned system maintenance. Sensus shall provide Customer notice (via email or otherwise) at least seven (7) days in advance of commencement of the Scheduled Downtime.
Scheduled Downtime means planned downtime of SaaS availability for periodic and required maintenance events, including but not limited to, upgrades and updates to the SaaS and data center infrastructure where CA provides notice to Customer at least 72 hours in advance.
Scheduled Downtime means, with respect to any applicable Service, the total amount of time (measured in minutes) during an applicable calendar month when such Service is unavailable for the majority of Subscribers’ Account Users due to planned Service maintenance. To the extent reasonably practicable, Company shall use reasonable efforts to provide eight (8) hours prior electronic notice of Service maintenance events and schedule such Service maintenance events outside the applicable business hours.
Scheduled Downtime has the meaning set forth in Section 2 below. «Плановый простой» имеет значение, установленное в пункте 2 ниже.