IT Equipment definition

IT Equipment means computer hardware, software, servers and ancillary equipment, telephones and other telecommunications products, office products such as photocopiers and fax machines, or other technology or equipment that is used in the creation, conversion, or duplication of data or information.

Examples of IT Equipment in a sentence

  • Inner Envelopes bear the following identification:Bid for “ Provision of IT Equipment Technical Proposal.Bid for “Provision of IT Equipment Financial Proposal.

  • All machinery, equipment and systems owned and used by the Sellers Primarily in connection with the ownership or operation of the Fuel Retail Business and located on the Fuel Retail Real Property Interests, including all storage tanks, meters, pumps, pipes, and Included IT Equipment (the “Fuel Retail Equipment”).

  • Except as provided in the Technology Agreement and the Transition Services Agreement, the Buyer shall be solely responsible for purchasing, licensing, or otherwise procuring for itself any Third Party-owned IT Systems or Third Party-owned IT Equipment as may be needed to permit the Buyer to continue to use such Third Party-owned IT Systems or Third Party-owned IT Equipment in connection with the Purchased Assets after the Transition Period.

  • Bidding Documents IT Items.1. Evaluation Criteria1.1 Evaluation Criteria For IT Equipment Sr.No. CHECK LISTThe provision of this checklist is essential prerequisite along with submission of tenders.KNOCK OUT CLAUSES Sr.NoDetailYes/NoPage#1Original receipt for purchase of tender.

  • IT Equipment used to access University facilities must not be left unattended and unlocked.

More Definitions of IT Equipment

IT Equipment means all information technology equipment and devices located at each Facility on the applicable Acquisition Date, and any replacements thereof or additions thereto, including any software included therein. IT Equipment shall include, without limitation, computer related equipment (such as desktop computers, portable computers (laptops), portable devices (tablets and other hand held devices), monitors and printers), network hardware (such as wireless AP, routers, switches, controllers and UPS) and miscellaneous items (such as system carts, system kiosks, projectors and time clocks).
IT Equipment means all the Servers, Desktops, Laptop, Printers, Scanners, CD Writers (external), LAN/WAN systems, Network devices (UTP cable, Fiber, LAN switches, I/O devices, UTM, Routers, Hubs, Modems, Wi Fi routers etc.) and related equipment etc. excluding UPS Batteries.
IT Equipment means the items of equipment, together with any documentation being provided by ENGEN (and/or Affiliates of ENGEN as the case may be), as specified in Schedule I to this Agreement, as may be amended from time to time2;
IT Equipment means Servers, virtual Servers and Workstations.