IT Equipment definition

IT Equipment means all computers, servers, printers, computer hardware, wired or mobile telephones, on-site process control and automation systems, telecommunication assets, and other information technology-related equipment.
IT Equipment. Including but not limited to Servers, Workstations including Desktop PCs, Laptop Computers, Apple Mac devices.

Examples of IT Equipment in a sentence

  • Contract No. 2774 Youth Opportunities Investments - Rockdale Youth Academy Funding Source: 70% Health and Human Services Levy Fund and 30% Federal IV-E BC2023-26Department of Information Technology, on behalf of the Department of Public Works, recommending to declare excess County computers and IT Equipment as surplus County-owned property, no longer needed for public use; requesting authority to sell surplus property to

  • The Southern Leyte State University Main Campus, through its CHED Institutional Development & Innovation Grant (IDIG) intends to apply the sum of FOUR MILLION SEVENTY THOUSAND PESOS only (₱4,070,000.00) being the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) to payments for the Supply & Delivery of Various IT Equipment for the Establishment of an Intelligent Systems Laboratory in Precision Agriculture (2nd Bidding) under PB 2022-G&S-05-A.

  • If approved, the Component Equipment Manager will process the IT Equipment Category change within IWAM.

  • Procuring, issuing, and collecting IT assets to and from personnel based on approved IT Equipment Categories and personnel changes, including new hires, reassignments, and departures.

  • Keep its hardware, Software, IT Equipment, networks and all the associated gadgets etc.

More Definitions of IT Equipment

IT Equipment means all information technology equipment and devices located at each Facility on the applicable Acquisition Date, and any replacements thereof or additions thereto, including any software included therein. IT Equipment shall include, without limitation, computer related equipment (such as desktop computers, portable computers (laptops), portable devices (tablets and other hand held devices), monitors and printers), network hardware (such as wireless AP, routers, switches, controllers and UPS) and miscellaneous items (such as system carts, system kiosks, projectors and time clocks).
IT Equipment means the Devices listed on the Order and is to be covered under the terms of this Agreement.
IT Equipment means any waste electronic and electrical equipment such as monitors, Confidential PCs, Non-Confidential PCs, keyboards, printers, and fax machines;
IT Equipment means servers, workstations, laptops and other devices as set out on the Order.
IT Equipment means Servers, Endpoints and any other electronic devices that are installed or used at the Customer’s Site, which are listed on the Order and are to be supported under the terms of this Agreement.
IT Equipment means all computer hardware, telecommunications and information technology systems located at the Hotel, and all computer software used at the Hotel.
IT Equipment means the information technology equipment described in Schedule 1.1(zz) hereto;