Removal of Materials Sample Clauses

Removal of Materials. During the Term and at any time thereafter, and except as may be required or deemed necessary or appropriate in connection with the performance by Executive of Executive’s duties as an employee of Employer, Executive shall not copy, dispose of or remove from Employer or their Affiliates any depositor, customer or client lists, software, computer programs or other digital intellectual property, books, records, forms, data, manuals, handbooks or any other papers or writings relating to the Business or the operations of Employer or their Affiliates.
Removal of Materials. Executive agrees that Executive will not remove any Company Confidential Information or Third Party information from the Company’s premises or make copies of such materials except for use in the Company’s business.
Removal of Materials. [*****] may request that any materials or data that [*****] or any of the [****], in each of its sole discretion, believe are likely to result in [*****] to Service Provider, Novation, HPPI, VHA, UHC, any Members and/or any User be [*****] removed from any part of NPS, and Service Provider shall [*****] comply with such requests.
Removal of Materials. Material may be removed from the file at any time upon mutual agreement of the faculty member and the college. Materials established by the college to be factually in error will be removed immediately. Materials that are governed by the state record retention rules shall remain in the file in accordance with timelines.
Removal of Materials. Written disciplinary notices for conduct 2 other than theft, willful misrepresentation, conduct threatening or endangering the 3 safety of others in the workplace, or discrimination, harassment or 4 assault/violence (as defined by law) against another person, shall not be 5 considered for purposes of progressive discipline after two (2) years, provided 6 there have been no incidents of a similar nature in the interim. Upon written 7 request of the nurse to Human Resources after the above-referenced 2-year 8 period has passed, the discipline shall be removed from the nurse’s personnel
Removal of Materials. Each party reserves the right to reject or remove any content, information, data, logos, trademarks and other materials (collectively, "Materials") provided by the other from its servers at any time if, in its reasonable opinion, it believes that any such Materials infringe any third-party intellectual property right, are libelous or invade the privacy or violate other rights of any person, violate applicable laws or regulations, or jeopardize the health or safety of any person. Each party will use reasonable efforts to contact the other prior to removing any of its Materials from its servers and will work with the other to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
Removal of Materials. I will not remove or cause to be removed from CPEX’s premises, for purposes other than the work or investigations I do for CPEX, any material whatsoever belonging to CPEX, including material created, discovered or developed by me and belonging to CPEX, unless CPEX in writing specifically instructs or authorizes me to do so.
Removal of Materials. Information in the personnel file may be removed upon the mutual agreement of the certificated staff member and the Administrator making the entry, or the Superintendent of his/her designee.
Removal of Materials. (a) Watermaster hereby warrants and represents that it will not cause the presence, use, storage or disposal of any Hazardous Substances (defined in Section 10 below) on or about the Property without the prior written consent of Property Owner. Excluded from this provision are substances necessary to carry out the Activities, provided that said substances are labeled, packaged, stored, contained, handled, managed, transported, documented and disposed of by Watermaster in full compliance with all Applicable Legal Requirements.