Future Changes Sample Clauses

Future Changes. Nothing in this Section 5 shall require Buyer to retain any of Seller's Employees for any period of time after the date hereof. Subject to requirements of applicable law, Buyer reserves the right at any time after the date hereof to terminate such employment and amend, modify or terminate any term or condition of employment, including without limitation, any employee benefit plan, program, policy, practice or arrangement.
Future Changes. The parties hereto agree that the Multiple may, from time to time as it sees fit, amend, modify, and add to the provisions of this Agreement; and the Holder agrees that all such amendments, modifications, and additions shall become a part of the Agreement in like manner as if they had originally appeared herein, upon their passage by the Board of Directors of the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors and their publication in the Multiple's bulletin.
Future Changes. The State will evaluate the extent to which new or different operational or regulatory restrictions affect the NOD Allocation and will consult with the SWP Contractors regarding the impact, if any, of the changed circumstances on the NOD Allocation method prior to implementation of any change to the NOD Allocation.
Future Changes. In accepting this Client Agreement, you agree that we may change the future content without receiving your prior consent to do so, but we will not conduct any investment business for you until such time as we have issued you with the amended version of this document.
Future Changes. The unified promotion procedures currently being implemented for bargaining unit employees and used to effect the promotion of bargaining-unit employees, shall not be altered at the local level. The unified promotion procedures include the applicable provisions of Handbooks EL-312 and EL-303, part of which mandates the correct completion and use of PS Form 1796. If a change in the promotion procedures is deemed necessary, the proposed change will be subject to discussion by the National Labor-Management Committee. If mutual agreement by the parties cannot be reached, the proposed changes may be appealed to arbitration under the provisions of Article 19.
Future Changes. If, in the future, the Service Provider incurs costs on the Recipient's behalf related to future changes in technologies or systems applications, the Recipient will be responsible for those fees and the Service Provider will give the Recipient three (3) months' notice of any such change.
Future Changes. In the event any change in law or other circumstances causes material harm to any Lessee Person, the Owner Participant, or any Affiliate of any thereof or in the event it is possible to eliminate or reduce any existing or potential material harm or create or increase any benefit available to any party each party agrees, if requested, to negotiate in good faith with each other party regarding amending the Operative Agreements or taking (or failing to take) any other appropriate action to remove or minimize such material harm or create or increase any benefit; provided, however, that no party shall be obligated to accept any amendment of any Operative Agreement or to take (or fail to take) any action if, in that party’s good faith judgment, such amendment, act or failure might cause such party or any Affiliate of such party any adverse effect (unless appropriately and satisfactorily indemnified therefor); provided further, however, that the party requesting the amendment or action shall pay, on an After-Tax Basis, the legal expenses of each other party; provided further, however, that the Tax Assumptions shall be adjusted as appropriate to reflect any such amendments, acts or failures to act of any party and provided, further, however, that nothing in this Section 10.10 shall be construed to limit any Lessee Person’s use or operation of the Facility under the Operative Documents.
Future Changes. Under the Ford-UAW CBA, the local parties may agree to local continuous improvement initiatives to improve operational effectiveness. Ford will support Visteon's efforts to secure appropriate changes in work rules and practices, or other local continuous improvement initiatives, to improve operational effectiveness. Nothing herein contained in this Agreement shall be construed as to interfere with Visteon's rights as an employer to pursue its own aims in the collective bargaining process with the UAW with respect to Visteon Hourly Employees. If Visteon and the UAW agree that Ford Assigned Employees should become Visteon Hourly Employees subject to the terms of the Visteon-UAW CBA, Ford shall cooperate in transferring the employment of the Ford Assigned Employees to Visteon, provided however, that Ford incurs no additional cost with respect thereto.
Future Changes. For a period of three years following the Effective Time, the Acquirers shall not take any action which, in their reasonable judgement, would materially impair the "Lebenthal" brand identity. Nothing herein will preclude the Acquirers from reorganizing Lebenthal and its business as a subsidiary, division or other unit of Advest, Inc. or otherwise, or in other respects conducting its business as it deems advisable in its reasonable business judgement.