Supply of Materials Sample Clauses

Supply of Materials. The following materials will be supplied by the department Name of Materials Rate. Place of delivery 1.
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Supply of Materials. Unless the parties otherwise agree in a Work Order, Manufacturer will supply, in accordance with the relevant approved raw material specifications, all materials to be used by Manufacturer in the performance of Services under a Work Order other than the Rhythm Materials specified in such Work Order. Rhythm or its designees will provide Manufacturer with the Rhythm Materials. Manufacturer agrees (a) to account for all Rhythm Materials, (b) not to provide Rhythm Materials to any third party (other than an Affiliate acting as a permitted subcontractor) without the express prior written consent of Rhythm, (c) not to use Rhythm Materials for any purpose other than conducting the Services, including, without limitation, not to analyze, characterize, modify or reverse engineer any Rhythm Materials or take any action to determine the structure or composition of any Rhythm Materials unless required * CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED. OMITTED PORTIONS FILED WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO RULE 406 PROMULGATED UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933, AS AMENDED. pursuant to a signed Work Order, and (d) to destroy or return to Rhythm all unused quantities of Rhythm Materials according to Rhythm’s written directions.
Supply of Materials. Upon reasonable request by Introgen and in consideration for the research and development payments set forth in Section 4.3, Corixa shall provide reasonable quantities of the materials, reagents and other items within the Licensed Technology listed on Exhibit A attached hereto. Such reagents shall be delivered subject to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Supply of Reagents attached hereto as Exhibit B.
Supply of Materials. At BUYER’S option and subject to SELLER’S approval, BUYER may supply, or arrange for supply of certain raw materials forming a part of the GOODS or used in the MANUFACTURING (“MATERIALS”) from third parties (“THIRD PARTY SUPPLIER”) as set forth herein below to SELLER.
Supply of Materials. 1.1.1 The Supplier shall supply Materials to PetroSA as and when required.
Supply of Materials. 1. ALTUS shall provide AMANO with forecasts setting out the amounts of Materials it expects it will require for each month during the [********] period from the time of preparation of the relevant forecast. The forecasts shall be updated [********]. ALTUS shall prepare a separate forecast for the [**********] required for any [*********************]. Upon ALTUS's request, AMANO shall supply ALTUS with reasonable quantities of Materials manufactured by AMANO in accordance with Specifications, regardless of fully finished or not, be necessary for ALTUS's Development.
Supply of Materials. Within ____ days after receiving an original of this Agreement executed by all parties, Monsanto will supply Recipient with the compounds set forth on Exhibit 1 (the "Materials"). Upon written request, Monsanto may provide the Recipient with additional quantities of such Materials or with additional compounds, which compounds shall also be considered Materials for the purposes of this Agreement.
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Supply of Materials. (a) If Ascent chooses to supply any material for the manufacture of Products as set forth under this Section II, Ascent shall notify Upshxx-Xxxxx xx writing, specifying which materials it intends to supply. Ascent shall provide Upshxx-Xxxxx xxxh said material at Ascent's expense along with Certificates of Analysis relating to such materials, at a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to scheduled production of Product requiring such material and in sufficient amounts for Upshxx-Xxxxx'x xxxufacture of Product, but not to exceed quantities necessary to support three (3) months of the most recently supplied Forecasted Needs or the lot size quantity, whichever is greater. Ascent-supplied material in excess of these amounts shall be either subject to storage fees or returned to Ascent. Upshxx-Xxxxx xx hereby authorized by Ascent, after reasonable advance notice to Ascent, to return any portion of Ascent-supplied material for which no future production is planned. Ascent shall be responsible for the supply and quality of said materials. Ascent shall be responsible for the payment of all personal property and other taxes incident to the storage of Ascent-owned material at Upshxx-Xxxxx, xxter receipt of documentation thereof reasonably acceptable to Ascent. For each lot of materials supplied by Ascent, Upshxx-Xxxxx xxxll perform the quality control and inspection tests as agreed to in the Specifications unless Ascent has made arrangements in writing for Pre-Approved material. Upshxx-Xxxxx xxxll have the right to reject any Pre-Approved material which is tested pursuant to Section 2.3 below and does not meet the Specifications. Upshxx-Xxxxx xxxrants that it will maintain, for the benefit of Ascent, complete and accurate records of the inventory of all such Ascent-supplied raw materials. Upshxx-Xxxxx xxxl use reasonable efforts to avoid the commingling of Ascent-supplied raw materials with any other raw materials and to avoid use of Ascent raw materials obtained pursuant to this Agreement for any purpose not directly related to the completion of this Agreement. If requested by Ascent, Upshxx-Xxxxx xxxl provide to Ascent a monthly report limited to ending monthly inventory balance of each Ascent-supplied/owned material stored at Upshxx-Xxxxx. Xxis reporting will be supplied exclusively on Upshxx-Xxxxx xxxms.
Supply of Materials. Except as set forth below, Lilly shall be responsible, at its sole cost, for manufacturing or having manufactured through Affiliates and/or Permitted Third Party Service Providers, all materials (including, without limitation, all Antibodies, MAY Compounds and Ab-MAY Products) to enable it to conduct the Research Program. Unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties, ImmunoGen’s cost of making Ab-MAY Product (excluding the cost of the Antibody of any such Ab-MAY Product) in batches consisting of [***] in connection with the conduct of the ImmunoGen Activities is [***] being charged for such ImmunoGen Activities. ImmunoGen will also provide relevant free MAY Compound and anti-maytansine Antibody to Lilly for biological and analytical research directly related to the development of Ab-MAY Products directed to Program Targets; provided that ImmunoGen will provide [***] and [***] at [***] with respect to the overall Research Program, with additional amounts of the foregoing to be provided at ImmunoGen’s established standard pricing as Portions of this Exhibit, indicated by the xxxx “[***],” were omitted and have been filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the Registrant’s application requesting confidential treatment pursuant to Rule 24b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. consistently applied by ImmunoGen, as reasonably determined to be necessary by the JRC for Lilly to complete such biological research and analytical research directly related to the development of Ab-MAY Products directed to Program Targets. If, during the Term, Lilly requests that ImmunoGen conduct (a) process development, (b) analytical method development, or (c) manufacturing and/or supply of Ab-MAY Product in bulk drug substance form for any GLP toxicology studies, clinical studies, or commercial scale-up, but excluding pivotal studies and commercial supply, then the Parties shall negotiate in good faith the terms of separate written agreements with respect to such activities [***]. In the event Lilly elects to manufacture or have manufactured by a Permitted Third Party Service Provider Ab-MAY Products, or linkers or MAY Compounds therefor, then ImmunoGen shall (i) provide the Technical Transfer Materials to Lilly for the purpose of enabling Lilly to exercise its rights under this Agreement with respect to a specific Ab-MAY Product [***].
Supply of Materials. During the Demonstration Phase and in accordance with the Development Plan, Genomatica shall select and supply […***…] pursuant to this JDA.
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