Definition of Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements means the Technical Requirements Section of the Bidding Documents.
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Technical Requirements means the obligations of, and any requirements to be satisfied by, Developer under any of Schedules 8 (Project Administration), 9 (Submittals), 10 (Design and Construction Requirements), 11 (Operations and Maintenance), 12 (Handback Requirements), 17 (Environmental Requirements) and 18 (Right-of-Way) and Table 6A.1 and Table 6A.2.
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Examples of Technical Requirements in a sentence

Seller shall manufacture, deliver, install, startup, test, and commission the Equipment and perform the associated Services as more fully described in Attachment 2 (Technical Requirements), subject to the terms and conditions in this Contract.
Technical Requirements for the data elements, such as data types, maximum field lengths, and cXML element names shall be provided by SFS during integration.
Seller shall furnish PDF files of all plans, drawings, specifications and similar documents delivered by Seller in performing the Work (Drawings) in accordance with the data submittal requirements set forth in Attachment 2 (Technical Requirements).
Subpart C--Operational and Technical Requirements Operational Requirements 22.301 Station inspection.
The Technical Requirements Document (TRD) identifies both the technical requirements describing the requisite technical capability of any proposal and some of the required obligations of an LNPA to administer the NPAC/SMS(s).