Definition of Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements means the requirements as Verizon may from time to time specify including, without limitation, Verizon's " XML API and Display Requirements" document, Category Descriptions, and other search elements including business name, city, state; variables used for tracking purposes, and such other technical parameters as Verizon may specify.

Examples of Technical Requirements in a sentence

Seller shall manufacture, deliver, install, startup, test, and commission the Equipment and perform the associated Services as more fully described in Attachment 2 (Technical Requirements), subject to the terms and conditions in this Contract.
Seller shall furnish PDF files of all plans, drawings, specifications and similar documents delivered by Seller in performing the Work (Drawings) in accordance with the data submittal requirements set forth in Attachment 2 (Technical Requirements).
Publisher shall be required to comply with all the provisions of the PSP SourceBook, including without limitation the Technical Requirements Checklist therein, when published, or within a commercially reasonable time following its publication to incorporate such provisions, as if such provisions were set forth in this Agreement.
Multiple levels of power backup designed to provide uninterrupted operation of Vendor equipment and Comcast Equipment in the event of a loss of power in accordance with Comcast's Technical Requirements (attached hereto as Exhibit C).
Independently, and not as an agent of the USG, the Contractor shall furnish all the necessary services, qualified personnel, materials, supplies, equipment, facilities, transportation and travel not otherwise provided by the USG as required to: a) Manufacture and deliver to the SNS 20 million doses of usable MVA vaccine within 60 months of the Contract Award date (for definition of usable see Specific Technical Requirements below).