Review of Materials Sample Clauses

Review of Materials. During the term of this Agreement, Client shall furnish to Subadviser the portions of all prospectuses, statements of additional information, proxy statements and information statements, which refer to the Subadviser (except for materials that solely reference Subadviser as a subadviser of the Fund) and are prepared by The Vantagepoint Funds or by employees or agents of Client or its Affiliates, prior to their first use. Subadviser shall submit to Client any reasonable changes to the information pertaining to the Subadviser and stated in such materials within five (5) business days (or such other time as may be mutually agreed upon) after receipt thereof.
Review of Materials. 5.1 Licensee shall submit to Nasdaq for review a copy of any material submitted to any regulatory body or governmental agency, which is required in order to obtain approval for the Issuance or resale of any Derivative Product. To the extent practicable, such materials or a copy of the then best draft shall be given to Nasdaq at least three (3) business days before their submittal to the body or agency (but in any event, a copy of the final document shall be sent by Notice to Nasdaq no later than three (3) business days after submittal to the agency or body).
Review of Materials. 10.2.1 The Builder acknowledges and confirms that the Builder and its legal counsel have been given an opportunity by Tarion to review the ONHWP Act and the Registrar Bulletins issued by Tarion to the date hereof (as well as any agreement(s) between the Builder and Tarion in existence as of the date hereof).
Review of Materials. Upon K2’s request, Sub-Adviser shall review and comment on selected portions relating to Sub-Adviser and/or the Investment Strategy of the Registration Statement, other offering documents and marketing materials prepared by K2 (or its affiliates) for the Fund. Sub-Adviser shall promptly notify K2 if any information in the Registration Statement or other materials that it has reviewed is (or will become) inaccurate or incomplete.
Review of Materials. Prior to TONGSHI’s distribution, shipment or publication, whichever is applicable, of any packaging, instruction manuals, catalogs or printed advertising that TONGSHI intends to use in connection with the China WORLDSPACE PC Cards or China WORLDSPACE Receivers or the WORLDSPACE Marks, the Parties will meet to establish mutually acceptable guidelines for proper use of the WORLDSPACE Marks on such materials. Such guidelines will include the right of WORLDSPACE to receive from TONGSHI, upon reasonable request and free of cost, samples of such materials for examination and comment as to quality and appearance.
Review of Materials. The Buyer will make the work papers and back-up materials used in preparing the Certificate available to the Seller and its accountants and other representatives at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice at any time during: (i) the review by the Seller of the Certificate; and (ii) the resolution by the Parties of any objections thereto. Upon reasonable advance notice and during the Buyer’s normal business hours, the Seller and its representatives (including accountants) shall have the right with respect to each Determination Date (exercised within thirty (30) days of each of the Seller’s receipt of the Certificate and Financial Statements with respect to each Determination Date) to inspect the Buyer’s books and records (related solely to the Business) provided that any such inspection shall be subject to the reasonable security policies and procedures of the Parent and the Buyer and shall be conducted by the Seller and its representatives in a manner not to unreasonably interfere with the operations and business of the Buyer.
Review of Materials a. Talent shall have the right of approval in respect of all Product being proposed as any part of the Property appearing or integrated into it and all proposed use of the Property (including to whom the Property is distributed for sale if other than the general public) prior to public release and distribution.
Review of Materials. The Consultant shall for so long as the Services are being carried out and for a period of two (2) years following completion of the Services or the earlier termination of this Agreement, make available all Work Product at reasonable times to KOBEX for review and copying.