Remote Maintenance Sample Clauses

Remote Maintenance. REMOTE SUPPORT‌ To meet the Remedial Maintenance Response requirements, and perform certain Preventative Maintenance, Contractors may utilize Remote Administration and/or Remote Maintenance/Support Services arrangements. Connections to an Authorized User’s networks/Systems must be performed in a manner prescribed by the Authorized User to preserve the integrity of the Authorized User’s network, confidentiality and integrity of information transmitted over that Authorized User’s network/System, and the availability of the network/System. Furthermore, the Authorized User must specifically grant permission for the Contractor to access the System for each instance of Remote Administration and/or Remote Maintenance/Support Service.
Remote Maintenance. During an active subscription the control unit will receive periodic maintenance by remote control over the Internet as needed to ensure that it is healthy and operating correctly.
Remote Maintenance. Our Software Department is set up to provide remote maintenance work. Machines delivered can be fitted with the required equipment to allow such work.
Remote Maintenance a. Upon entering into the Agreement, and in order for HP‟s support specialist to analyse Customer‟s problem, an HP program will collect and transmit information about Customer‟s computer system to HP‟s support specialist, which will include personal data of Customer. The data that is collected is based upon which system and diagnostics Customer chooses. The list below is representative, but not all inclusive, of the types of data collected:
Remote Maintenance 

Related to Remote Maintenance

  • Routine Maintenance (i) CRC shall be responsible for Routine Maintenance when necessary or desirable to maintain the Shared Assets in a safe operating condition, and to permit and facilitate (A) the performance by CRC of its obligations pursuant to this Agreement, and (B) the use of Shared Assets by the Operators in accordance with this Agreement.

  • System Maintenance The Trust understands that USBFS and DST will have to perform periodic maintenance to the hardware and software used to provide INFORMA Services, which may cause temporary service interruptions. USBFS shall notify the Trust of all planned outages of its own hardware and software and, to the extent possible, will perform any necessary maintenance during non-business hours.

  • Software Maintenance Subrecipient shall apply security patches and upgrades in a timely manner and keep virus software up-to-date on all systems on which State data may be stored or accessed.

  • Equipment Maintenance Member shall be solely responsible for obtaining and properly maintaining its equipment and system requirements, including computer equipment, Internet connectivity, scanning terminals (unless contracted with Nusenda) and any other equipment or items necessary to receive Remote Deposit / Mobile Deposit. Nusenda shall not be liable to Member, in any manner whatsoever, for any type of errors, losses, damages or other claims related to Member’s failure to do so.

  • Project Maintenance The Local Government shall be responsible for maintenance of locally owned roads and locally owned facilities after completion of the work. The State shall be responsible for maintenance of the state highway system after completion of the work if the work was on the state highway system, unless otherwise provided for in existing maintenance agreements with the Local Government.

  • Use; Maintenance Borrower shall keep and maintain all items of equipment and other similar types of personal property that form any significant portion or portions of the Collateral in good operating condition and repair and shall make all necessary replacements thereof and renewals thereto so that the value and operating efficiency thereof shall at all times be maintained and preserved. Borrower shall not permit any such material item of Collateral to become a fixture to real estate or an accession to other personal property, without the prior written consent of Lender. Borrower shall not permit any such material item of Collateral to be operated or maintained in violation of any applicable law, statute, rule or regulation. With respect to items of leased equipment (to the extent Lender has any security interest in any residual Borrower’s interest in such equipment under the lease), Borrower shall keep, maintain, repair, replace and operate such leased equipment in accordance with the terms of the applicable lease.

  • Preventive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance shall be provided for the routine care and attention necessary to ensure the continued efficient operation of the Equipment, Company will undertake to:

  • Road Maintenance DESIGNATED MAINTAINER Purchaser may be required to perform maintenance on roads listed in Contract Clause C‐060 DESIGNATED ROAD MAINTAINER as directed by the Contract Administrator. Purchaser shall maintain roads in accordance with FOREST ACCESS ROAD MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATIONS.

  • Preventative Maintenance Standards of applicable Professional Governing Body. Anesthesia and surgical equipment maintenance standards as per manufacturer specifications and guidelines, subject to review and acceptance by AHS.