The Panel Sample Clauses

The Panel a) must undertake a review of a precept proposed by the PCC in accordance with the requirements set out in Schedule 5 of the Act
The Panel. The three arbitrators so chosen shall serve as the arbitration panel which shall resolve the dispute (the "PANEL"). The powers and duties reserved to the neutral arbitrator under the Rules, shall be exercised by a majority of the members of the Panel after due consideration and in accordance with the Rules.
The Panel. Secretary’s duties shall be to facilitate the Panel's objects in Clause 5.2 and in particular to:
The Panel. (a) Unless the Parties to the Arbitration agree otherwise, the Panel will comprise three arbitrators being the Claimants' nominee, the Respondents' nominee and a third person who will be nominated by agreement between the first two arbitrators and will chair the Panel (the "PANEL Chairperson"). If, within 15 Working Days after delivery of the Response, any or all of the arbitrators have not been appointed, the arbitrator or arbitrators who have not been appointed will be the person or persons nominated, at the request of any Party to the Arbitration, by the Chairman of the Victorian Bar Council.
The Panel. 1.1 the panel is responsible for resolving complaints made under the Code. it may also assist in arranging for conciliation and/or mediation between companies when requested to do so.
The Panel. (a) The Panel consists and will consist of not less than 4,000,000 unique e-mail addresses as of the date hereof and as of the Closing Date, respectively, and Valid addresses through the Test Period (as provided below) will not fall below 4,000,000 by an amount greater than five percent (5%) of 4,000,000 (the “Validity Threshold”). Each individual who is a member of the Panel has joined voluntarily and, as of August 15, 2004, 1,200,000 have also opted in by virtue of starting a survey after joining. By joining, all members of the Panel have agreed to receive continuing e-mail solicitations from Seller to participate in online marketing research surveys, but members have no obligation to participate in any particular survey and may elect to unsubscribe at any time. Buyer shall have ten Business Days after the Closing Date to test whether the e-mail addresses delivered at Closing are Rejected Addresses (the “Test Period”), and shall notify Seller within five Business Days of the end of the Test Period if there are Rejected Addresses that cause the Panel to fall below the Validity Threshold, such notice to provide a complete list of each address that tested as a Rejected Address.
The Panel. 4.1 The Panel is also established by the ASIC Act. The Panel is the main forum for resolving takeovers matters during the bid period. The Panel has the power to: • review ASIC's decisions under s655A; • review ASIC's decisions under s673 in relation to securities of the target of a takeover bid during the bid period; • make a declaration of unacceptable circumstances under s657A; • make orders under s657D and interim orders under s657E; and • make rules under s658C.

Related to The Panel

  • Panel Listing and number of Members that Network Providers have agreed to provide services for in accordance with this Contract.

  • Arbitrators The arbitration shall be heard and determined by one arbitrator, who shall be impartial and who shall be selected by mutual agreement of the parties; provided, however, that if the dispute involves more than $2,000,000, then the arbitration shall be heard and determined by three (3) arbitrators. If three (3) arbitrators are necessary as provided above, then (i) each side shall appoint an arbitrator of its choice within thirty (30) days of the submission of a notice of arbitration and (ii) the party-appointed arbitrators shall in turn appoint a presiding arbitrator of the tribunal within thirty (30) days following the appointment of the last party-appointed arbitrator. If (x) the parties cannot agree on the sole arbitrator, (y) one party refuses to appoint its party-appointed arbitrator within said thirty (30) day period or (z) the party-appointed arbitrators cannot reach agreement on a presiding arbitrator of the tribunal, then the appointing authority for the implementation of such procedure shall be the Senior United States District Judge for the Northern District of Texas, who shall appoint an independent arbitrator who does not have any financial interest in the dispute, controversy or claim. If the Senior United States District Judge for the Northern District of Texas refuses or fails to act as the appointing authority within ninety (90) days after being requested to do so, then the appointing authority shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the American Arbitration Association, who shall appoint an independent arbitrator who does not have any financial interest in the dispute, controversy or claim. All decisions and awards by the arbitration tribunal shall be made by majority vote.

  • Decision of the Arbitrator The decision of the arbitrator shall be final, binding, and enforceable on the Parties. The arbitrator shall have the power to dispose of a grievance by any arrangement deemed just and equitable. However, the arbitrator shall not have the power to change this Agreement by altering, modifying, or amending any provision.

  • Selection of the Arbitrator a) Arbitration shall be by a single arbitrator.

  • Jurisdiction of the Arbitrator The arbitrator shall have no power to alter, add to, or subtract from the terms of this Agreement. The arbitrator shall confine his inquiry and decision to the specific area of the Agreement as cited in the grievance form. The arbitrator's decision will be in writing and will set forth his findings of fact, reasoning and conclusions on the issues submitted. The arbitrator will be without power of authority to make any decision which requires the commission of an act prohibited by law, or which violates the terms of this Agreement. The decision of the arbitrator will be submitted to the Board and the Association and will be final and binding on both parties. Upon request of either party, the merits of a grievance and the substantive and procedural arbitrability issues arising in connection with that grievance may be consolidated for hearing before an arbitrator provided the arbitrator shall not resolve the question of arbitrability of a grievance prior to having heard the merits of the grievance.

  • Selection of Arbitrators 1. Unless the disputing parties otherwise agree, the tribunal shall comprise three arbitrators:

  • Decision of Arbitrator The decision of the Arbitrator will be final, binding and enforceable on the parties. The Arbitrator will have the power to dispose of a dismissal, discharge or discipline grievance by any arrangement which they deem just and equitable. However, the Arbitrator will not have the power to change this agreement or to alter, modify or amend any of its provisions.

  • Selection of an Arbitrator The parties will reach agreement on a mutually acceptable arbitrator as needed. If agreement cannot be obtained between the parties then either party can apply to the Minister of Labour to have an arbitrator appointed.