Remote access definition

Remote access means that inspection can be made without the need to physically visit the courthouse where the court record is maintained.

Examples of Remote access in a sentence

  • Remote access is the ability to securely access systems, applications or data that can normally only be accessed within the internal CCC network.

  • Remote access to equipment and equipment related data must be selectively provided by a local equipment operator according to the specific state or condition of the equipment.

  • Remote access to emails would also be hugely beneficial to staff and easy to implement with today’s technology.

  • Remote access to West Texas A&M University systems must utilize approved encryption techniques when transmitting or receiving sensitive or confidential information.

  • Remote access uses telecommunications to enable authorized access to non-public DOC computing services that would otherwise be inaccessible from work locations outside a DOC LAN or DOC-controlled WAN computing environment.

More Definitions of Remote access

Remote access means access provided by Licensee via secured authentication means only to employees, consultants, onsite contractors or temporary employees of Licensee based at an Authorized Site who are not physically present at that Authorized Site.
Remote access means the ability of a person to inspect and copy information in a Court Record in electronic form through an electronic means.
Remote access means the Remote Access function as set out in the Specification that permits the use of DTCP to protect transmissions of DT Data to a DTCP Sink Function located outside the physical home network.
Remote access means the ability to access a computer from a remote location. This
Remote access means the ability of any person to electronically search, inspect and copy a court record at a location other than the place where the record is made available.
Remote access means the ability to electronically search, inspect, or copy information in a court record without the need to physically visit the court facility where the court record is maintained.
Remote access means electronic access from a location other than a public