Description of Services Sample Clauses

Description of Services. (a) Delivery of the Property. The Fund will deliver or arrange for delivery to PFPC Trust, all the Property owned by the Fund, including cash received as a result of the distribution of Shares, during the term of this Agreement. PFPC Trust will not be responsible for such property until actual receipt.
Description of Services. Subcontractor will perform the following Services for the Contractor which Contractor is obligated to provide to the Commonwealth under the Prime Contract: [DESCRIBE IN DETAIL THE SPECIFIC SUPPLIES, SERVICES OR CONSTRUCTION THE SUBCONTRACTOR WILL PROVIDE OR PERFORM] _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
Description of Services. The Sponsor has retained the Asset Representations Reviewer to perform a review (the “
Description of Services. SEI Trust shall perform the custodian services set forth in Schedule A hereto. SEI Trust may sub-contract with third parties to perform certain of the services to be performed by SEI Trust hereunder; provided, however, that SEI Trust shall remain principally responsible to the Fund for the acts and omissions of such other entities. In meeting its duties hereunder, SEI Trust shall have the general authority to do all acts deemed in SEI Trust’s good faith belief to be necessary and proper to perform its obligations under this Agreement.
Description of Services. Landlord shall furnish to the Premises: ----------------------- reasonable amounts of heat, ventilation and air-conditioning during the Business Hours specified in the Basic Lease Information ("Business Hours") on weekdays except public holidays ("Business Days"); reasonable amounts of electricity; and janitorial services five days a week (except public holidays). Landlord shall also provide the Building with normal fluorescent tube replacement, window washing, elevator service, and common area toilet room supplies. Any additional utilities or services that Landlord may agree to provide (including lamp or tube replacement for other than Building Standard lighting fixtures) shall be at Tenant's sole expense.