Fraud Sample Clauses

Fraud. Any suspicion of fraud, waste, or abuse involving the contracting or certification of MWBEs shall be immediately reported to ESD’s Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development at (000) 000-0000. ALL FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AT: xxxx://
Fraud. ST13.1 In this Agreement, Fraud means dishonestly obtaining a benefit, or causing a loss, by deception or other means, and includes alleged, attempted, suspected or detected fraud.
Fraud. Fraudulent statements by the Contractor on any Offer or in any report or deliverable required to be submitted by the Contractor to the City shall be grounds for the termination of the Contract for cause by the City and may result in legal action.
Fraud. Subrecipient shall immediately report all suspected or known instances and facts concerning possible fraud, abuse or criminal activity under this contract. Subrecipient shall inform staff and the general public of how to report fraud, waste or abuse through appropriate postings of incident reporting notice. The County’s Anti-Fraud Program can be accessed through: xxxx://‌
Fraud. ‌ Onvoy assumes responsibility for all fraud associated with its Customers and accounts. Frontier shall bear no responsibility for, and shall have no obligation to investigate or make adjustments to Onvoy's account in cases of, fraud by Xxxxx’s Customers or other third parties.
Fraud. 21.1 The Parties agree that they shall cooperate with one another to investigate, minimize and take corrective action in cases of fraud. CenturyLink will cooperate in good faith but shall bear no responsibility for, nor is it required to investigate or make adjustments to, CLEC’s account in cases of fraud. The Parties’ fraud minimization procedures are to be cost effective and implemented so as not to unduly burden or harm one Party as compared to the other.
Fraud. Any suspicion of fraud, waste, or abuse involving the contracting or certification of MWBEs shall be immediately reported to ESD’s Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development at (000) 000-0000. ALL FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AT: xxxxx:// 39. PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW YORK STATE CERTIFIED SERVICE-DISABLED VETERAN- OWNED BUSINESSES Article 17-B of the New York State Executive Law provides for more meaningful participation in public procurement by certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (“SDVOBs”), thereby further integrating such businesses into New York State’s economy. OGS recognizes the need to promote the employment of service-disabled veterans and to ensure that certified service-disabled veteran-owned businesses have opportunities for maximum feasible participation in the performance of OGS contracts. In recognition of the service and sacrifices made by service-disabled veterans and in recognition of their economic activity in doing business in New York State, Contractors are strongly encouraged and expected to consider SDVOBs in the fulfillment of the requirements of the Contract. Such participation may be as subcontractors or suppliers, as protégés, or in other partnering or supporting roles. For purposes of this procurement, OGS conducted a comprehensive search and determined that the Contract does not offer sufficient opportunities to set specific goals for participation by SDVOBs as subcontractors, service providers, and suppliers to Contractor. Nevertheless, Contractor is encouraged to make good faith efforts to promote and assist in the participation of SDVOBs on the Contract for the provision of services and materials. The directory of New York State Certified SDVOBs can be viewed at: xxxxx:// Contractor is encouraged to contact the Office of General Services’ Division of Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Development at 000-000-0000 or to discuss methods of maximizing participation by SDVOBs on the Contract. ALL FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AT: xxxxx:// 40. NEW YORK STATE REQUIRED CERTIFICATIONS A Contractor is required to submit the New York State Required Certifications form prior to execution of this Piggyback Contract.
Fraud. No fraud, error, omission, misrepresentation, negligence or similar occurrence with respect to the Mortgage Loan has taken place on the part of the Mortgagor, the Seller or any other Person, including, without limitation, any appraiser, title company, closing or settlement agent, realtor, builder or developer or any other party involved in the origination or sale of the Mortgage Loan or the sale of the Mortgaged Property, that would impair in any way the rights of the Purchaser in the Mortgage Loan or Mortgaged Property or that violated applicable law.
Fraud. We do not provide coverage for any "insured" who has made fraudulent statements or engaged in fraudulent conduct in connection with any accident or loss for which coverage is sought under this policy. LEGAL ACTION AGAINST US
Fraud. The intentional deception or misrepresentation made by a person with the knowledge that the deception could result in some unauthorized benefit to himself or some other person. It includes any act that constitutes fraud under applicable Federal or State law.