Definition of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance means the proactive upkeep of Equipment including undertaking Periodic Inspections;

Preventative Maintenance means restoring existing functionality with the objective of preventing an Incident or a Problem occurring or recurring, for example resolving a latent defect by installing a software patch. 3 M O D U LE 17 M A JO R P R O JE C T S O F T W A R E M A IN T E N A N C E A N

Preventative Maintenance or "Inspection Only Service" means inspection and adjustment to maintain Covered Equipment in satisfactory operating condition. Inspections include tests, measurements, and a thirty-point evaluation of Covered Equipment. Covered Equipment is properly calibrated, mechanical operations are checked and adjusted, if necessary, and output measurements are verified to function properly. Electrical safety checks are also performed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines. Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Only Service are subject to Exclusions.

Examples of Preventative Maintenance in a sentence

The Preventative Maintenance Instructions must include a listing of all part numbers and part descriptions necessary to perform the specific preventative maintenance task such as filter descriptions and part numbers, special tools needed to perform the task, and replacement fluid specifications and quantities.
Preventative Maintenance Parts Kits are to be listed on delivery papers, bills of lading, or other receipt documents furnished with the vehicle.
Preventative Maintenance Program The permittee shall maintain an ongoing preventative maintenance program to prevent overflows and bypasses caused by malfunctions or failures of the sewer system infrastructure.
The contractor shall enter the Preventative Maintenance Schedules in the COBie Jobs worksheet.
Inspections of the facility and all stormwater systems shall occur as part of the Preventative Maintenance and Good Housekeeping Program at a minimum on a semi-annual schedule, once during the first half of the year (January to June), and once during the second half (July to December), with at least 60 days separating inspection dates (unless performed more frequently than semi-annually).

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Preventative Maintenance or “PM” means those tasks set forth in Exhibit O which are to be provided for each Facility. The purpose of Preventative Maintenance is to maintain systems and equipment, provide required testing and certification, and prolong the life of the system or equipment. SWOs for PM are generally issued monthly. All Preventative Maintenance is included in the Firm Fixed Price Work.

Preventative Maintenance Means both Planned Maintenance and Routine Maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance means Maintenance that is required to retain the Trainset in satisfactory, operational condition by timely/scheduled inspections, calibrations, cleanings, etc. and is carried out at predetermined intervals (as based on Applicable Law, time and distances).

Preventative Maintenance means a systematic visit for inspection, detection, correction and prevention of incipient failures, before they become actual failures

Preventative Maintenance means pre-planned, periodic, on-site inspection and testing of the Equipment/Software and all adjustments or parts replacement or other services required to keep each item of Equipment/Software in proper working order consistent with original manufacturer specifications and recommendations.

Preventative Maintenance means services typically expected and defined in

Preventative Maintenance means the Services required to be performed on a scheduled basis to ensure the preservation of the Hardware in good operating condition. “Remedial Maintenance” means the Services required to be performed, whether on-site or off-site, to restore the Hardware to a condition allowing performance in accordance with the Contract Specifications. 1.3 Other capitalised words and expressions used in this Module are defined in Part 3 of the Agreement. 2. PERIOD OF SERVICES 2.1 The Hardware Maintenance Services must be provided for the period of the Agreement unless the Agreement is terminated earlier in accordance with the provisions thereof. 2.2 In relation to Hardware purchased under the Agreement, the Commencement Date in respect of the Hardware Maintenance Services shall not occur until the expiry of any relevant Hardware Warranty Period for that Hardware. MAINTENANCE SERVICES 3. HARDWARE MAINTENANCE SERVICES 3.1 The Contractor must provide the Hardware Maintenance Services to a standard that ensures continuity of performance of the Hardware in accordance with the Contract Specifications and/or any performance and availability requirements specified in the Service Level Agreement. 3.2 The Principal will co-operate with the Contractor by providing access to the Site and any other facilities as reasonably necessary to enable the Contractor to provide the Hardware Maintenance Services to the required standard. 3.3 Without limiting any other rights of the Principal, the Contractor will promptly rectify any Defects in the Hardware that occur as a result of the provision of the Hardware Maintenance Services during the Hardware Warranty Period. [PART FIVE] 86 M O D U LE 02 H A R D W A