Quality Assurance Requirements Sample Clauses

Quality Assurance Requirements. There are no special Quality Assurance requirements under this Agreement.
Quality Assurance Requirements. The Contractor shall be required to demonstrate by means of a Contract Quality Plan (CQP) that this organisation is so structured that all the requirements of the specification will be properly monitored and controlled. The Contract Quality Plan (CQP), which must include the Quality Control Plan (QCP), is to be drafted in accordance with QM-58 and the Supplier Contract Quality Requirement Specification (QM58). The Quality documents are to be submitted for approval to the Project Manager within thirty (30) days after a contract has been awarded to the Contractor. No work may commence unless the Contract Quality Plan and Quality Control Plan documents have been approved in writing and a copy submitted to the Project Manager. The Contractor, in conjunction with the Project Manager must sign off all Quality Control documents after completing all work as per the agreed scope. The Contractor to submit a copy of the final signed off documents/data packages to the Project Manager within one (1) week after completion of work. The Contractor shall be required to read and fully understand the contents of the Supplier Contract Quality Requirement Specification (QM58) and a copy is to be kept in possession or on premises. The Contractor shall comply with all Employer’s requirements as set out in QM-58 (Supplier Contract Quality Specification). . The Contractor further ensures that the subcontractor’s programmes comply with the requirements of the Service Information. The Contractor notifies the Service Manager of any changes to the Quality System and obtains agreement prior to implementation on existing orders and contracts, or sub orders and sub contracts. The Supplier Contract Quality Requirement Specification (QM58) shall remain applicable in the event of the contract being extended or modified for reasons permitted. By signature and acceptance of this contract the Contractor acknowledges and agrees to comply with and adhere to Eskom’s policies and procedures (current and/or latest revisions) including the Supplier Contract Quality Requirement Specification (QM58).
Quality Assurance Requirements. Contractor shall provide an integrated quality management group to operate the quality assurance, quality control and certification functions of the quality management system. The quality management group shall be independent from Contractor’s construction, procurement and scheduling activities.
Quality Assurance Requirements. There are no special Quality Assurance requirements under this Contract.
Quality Assurance Requirements. Clause 3.3.1 requires that the Contractor operate a quality management system as stated in the Scope. Include your requirements here The Contractor shall control his activities and processes in accordance with Eskom’s Quality Assurance Standard QM58: Supplier contractor quality requirements specification The Contractor will be responsible for the verification and signing of the quality inspection points which must be maintained by the Contractor and presented to Eskom on request. Quality management System requirements Information in the quality plan
Quality Assurance Requirements. Seller shall implement and maintain a quality management system in accordance with EP-QC-1159 requirements. This document is available on EaglePicher website xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xxx under the Supplier Info Tab.
Quality Assurance Requirements. 1. Contractor shall maintain a log, database, or other records to track individual cases. Such records shall be maintained for a period of three (3) years.
Quality Assurance Requirements. The Contractor shall develop and implement quality assurance practices consisting of policies, procedures, specifications, standards, and documentation sufficient to produce data of quality adequate to meet the Scope’s objectives and to minimize loss of data due to out-of-control conditions or malfunctions. All sampling and analyses performed under this Contract must conform with the requirements set forth in Chapter 62-160, Florida Administrative Code, and in Exhibit D, the Quality Assurance Requirements for Contracts.
Quality Assurance Requirements. Seller is requested to certify the RoHS compliance status of the items supplied under this Purchase Order and provide information as needed to confirm process compatibility and traceability. The identification scheme employed must clearly differentiate compliant parts from their predecessors. In lieu of specific reporting requirements, Seller will provide material declarations based on the latest version of the IPC-1752 standard. Seller recognizes, consistent with the public policy underlying enactment of the Conflict Minerals provision (Section 1502) of the Xxxx-Xxxxx Xxxx Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Act”), the significant legal and non-legal risks associated with sourcing tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (the “Conflict Minerals”) from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or its surrounding countries (Angola, Burundi, Central African Republic, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia). Accordingly, Seller commits to have in place a supply chain policy and processes to undertake (1) a reasonable inquiry into the country of origin of Conflict Minerals incorporated into products it provides Buyer, (2) due diligence of its supply chain, as necessary, to determine if Conflict Minerals sourced from the DRC countries directly or indirectly support unlawful conflict there, and (3) risk assessment and mitigation actions necessary to implement the country of origin inquiry and due diligence procedures. Seller shall take all other measures as are necessary to comply with the Act and its implementing regulations, as they may be amended over time. Seller agrees to meet European (CE) Regulation n* 1907/2006 (REACH) regarding registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals by ensuring that authorization for use has been granted for chemicals included in appendix XIV, informing if a candidate substance is an item with a concentration above of 0.1% weight by weight, ensuring registration of substances used, informing, if concerned, if a substance included in appendix SVII (substances with restrictive uses) is included in an item. Propose, as soon as possible, alternate solution to a substance part of the candidate’s substances in order to ensure continuity of deliveries.
Quality Assurance Requirements. 1. The Supplier shall demonstrate, provide and maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) that is ISO 9001:2008 certified or compliant thereto. Compliance with the provisions of this clause in no way relieves the Supplier of the final responsibility to furnish acceptable services.