Standards Compliance Sample Clauses

Standards Compliance. DNS. Registry Operator shall comply with relevant existing RFCs and those published in the future by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), including all successor standards, modifications or additions thereto relating to the DNS and name server operations including without limitation RFCs 1034, 1035, 1123, 1982, 2181, 2182, 2671, 3226, 3596, 3597, 4343, and 5966. DNS labels may only include hyphens in the third and fourth position if they represent valid IDNs (as specified above) in their ASCII encoding (e.g., “xn--ndk061n”).
Standards Compliance. Flexera has and will maintain SOC2 certification throughout the subscription term of the Order and will and make reports on the same available to the Customer upon request.
Standards Compliance. Registry Operator shall implement and comply with relevant existing RFCs and those published in the future by the Internet Engineering Task including all successor standards, modifications or additions thereto relating to (i) Internet protocol (including Extensible Provisioning Protocol), the DNS and nameserver operations including without limitation RFCs 3735, 3915, and 4390- 4394; and (ii) registration data publication operations for top-level domain registries in conformance with RFCs 1033, 1034, 1035, and 2182. If Registry Operator implements Domain Name System Security Extensions (“DNSSEC”), it shall comply with RFCs 4033, 4034, and 4035 and their successors; and should follow the best practices described in RFC 4641. If Registry Operator implements Hashed Authenticated Denial of Existence for DNS Security Extensions, it shall comply with RFC 5155 and its successors.
Standards Compliance. All work and materials covered by this Master Contract shall be performed in compliance with Chapter
Standards Compliance. If Sublicensee publicly states that any Licensed Product is compliant with any applicable industry standard, Sublicensee shall ensure that such Licensed Product is fully compliant with all mandatory requirements of such standard, except for compliance with such applicable industry standards for which Licensor is responsible under the Supply Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, any use of a logo or trademark associated with an industry standard (e.g., the logo “DVD” or “Blu-ray”) shall be deemed a public statement that the Licensed Product is compliant with the applicable industry standard.
Standards Compliance. 2.1 Stds. Comp. All work and materials covered by this Solicitation and resulting Master Contract(s) shall be performed in compliance with Chapter 19.28.410 Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 296-46B-010 Washington Administrative Code, and the most current versions of the following mandatory standards: • NFPA-70 National Electrical Code • ANSI\TIA\EIA 568 series, Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard • ANSI\TIA\EIA 569-E , Commercial Building Standard for Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces, o Ex. Pathways, Work area outlets, Patch panels, Racks and cabinets, Ports, Grounding, busbars, Cabling, Firestop locations, Telecommunications space, Data center room grid • ANSI\TIA\EIA 606-C Commercial Building Telecommunication standard for Labeling • ANSI-J-STD-607-C, Commercial Building Grounding (Earthing) and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications • ANSI\EIA\TIA 862-B Structured Cabling infrastructure Standard for Intelligent building Systems (Building Automation standard) • ANSI\EIA\TIA 942-B Telecommunications standard for Data centers • OSHA/WISHA Construction and safety standards Any additional codes/standards required under a Purchaser’s Purchase Order/SOW or by state or federal regulation. Bidder will be held responsible for compliance with the most recent versions of the specified codes/standards/regulations and any revisions or updates. Should conflicts arise with the foregoing, the Department of Enterprise Services will have responsibility for making final interpretation. MANDATORY Fully Meets 3.0 Cert. CERTIFICATION: 3.1 Cert. COMPANY CERTIFICATIONS. Bidder must maintain certification from the Manufacturer(s) that provides structured cabling system twenty-five (25) year or more warranties as identified in Bidder’s response to this RFQQ. Written Response Required. List the Manufacturer(s) Certifications you maintain that meet this requirement. MANDATORY SCORED Fully Meets Beldon, Corning, Leviton (Xxxxxx, AK and Grand Prairie, TX), and Panduit certifications attached. Xxxxxxx has the ability to become certified by any manufacturer after award, if necessary. 3.2 Cert. COMPANY CERTIFICATIONS. The Bidder response must provide documentation that the company is certified by at least one (1) manufacturer that provides structured cabling-system 20-year-or-more warranties in Washington state. For example: • Commscope (Systimax) Ortronics, Inc. (Certified Installer-Plus Program); • AMP (Netconnect Design and Installation Program); • L...
Standards Compliance. The Rogers Core Network hardware and management systems are compliant to the following telecom industry organization standards: • The following Telcordia standards are supported: GR-253-CORE, GR-474-CORE, GR-499-CORE, GR-1089-CORE, GR-820-CORE, GR-2918-CORE. • The following ITU-T standards are supported: G.664, G.692, G.709, G.825, G.826, G. 957, G.959.1, G.8021, and ITU-T 100-GHz- spacing, C-band channels. • The following Request for Comments (RFC) standards are supported: 4209, 2766.
Standards Compliance. Airship adheres to an “out of the box” default security standard in alignment with OWASP Top 10 best practices, CIS controls, and SOC 2 Type II principles.
Standards Compliance. 26 Appendix A - Abbreviations ................................................ 28 Motorola Confidential Proprietary Preliminary DAP/CAPC Product Description Document is subject to change TABLE OF FIGURES
Standards Compliance. 2.1. Service Provider shall be and remain ISO 27001 certified, and its Statement of Applicability shall apply to the Services. The scope of ISO 27001 certification shall include all the sites and teams which are delivering services to Subscriber.