Specifications Sample Clauses

Specifications. Items and/or services furnished hereunder shall conform to the requirements of specifications and/or drawings applicable to items listed under Article IX - Price Schedule. Orders issued against this schedule will show the applicable price agreement item(s), number(s), and price(s); however they may not describe the item(s) fully.
Specifications a. All trees that have fallen across the road shall be removed from the road prism unless otherwise agreed upon. Merchantable timber, if any, shall be cut in appropriate lengths and decked along the roadside in locations where traveled way width or sight distances will not be impaired.
Specifications a. The existing roadbeds, including turnouts, shall be bladed and shaped to reasonably conform to the designed cross section, and to eliminate ruts. Existing aggregate surfacing shall be bladed to conserve material and to prevent segregation of particle sizes. Rocks or other material remaining on the traveled way surface after final blading which are 4 inches or larger in size shall be removed from the road surface.
Specifications a. Slough material removed from the ditch may be blended into existing native road surface or shoulder only if it is the same material as the road surface. Slough material that is not suitable for blending should be disposed of as directed by the Forest Officer.
Specifications. Service Provider shall provide services in accordance with the specifications contained in this contract. TJJD will determine the answers to all questions that may arise as to the interpretation of the specifications and the quality or acceptability of work performed. Substitutions cannot be made without TJJD prior approval. XXXX will decide the rate of progress of the work and the acceptable fulfillment of services on the part of Service Provider.