People Sample Clauses

People. 1. The Employer agrees to deduct from the wages of any employee who is a member of the Union deduction for the PEOPLE program. Written authorizations must be requested in writing by the employee and may be revoked by the employee at any time by giving written notice to both the Employer and the Union. The Employer agrees to remit electronically, on each state payday, any deductions made to the Union together with an electronic report showing:
People. Minimum requirements of people employed Specify any constraints relating to people employed to Provide the Service; for example permits for foreigners, training (other than H & S), use of labour from designated areas and industrial relations. BBBEE and preferencing scheme Specify constraints which Contractor must comply with after contract award in regard to any Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) or preferencing scheme measures. Accelerated Shared Growth InitiativeSouth Africa (ASGI-SA) If the ASGI-SA requirements are to be included in this contract specify constraints which Contractor must comply with after contract award in regard to any ASGI-SA requirements. The ASGI-SA Compliance Schedule completed in the returnable tender schedules is reproduced here. If ASGI-SA does not apply, delete this paragraph. The Contractor complies with and fulfils the Contractor’s obligations in respect of the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative - South Africa in accordance with and as provided for in the Contractor’s ASGI-SA Compliance Schedule stated below . [Insert the agreed ASGI-SA Compliance Schedule here] The Contractor shall keep accurate records and provide the Service Manager with reports on the Contractor’s actual delivery against the above stated ASGI-SA criteria. [Elaborate on access to and format of records and frequency of submission etc.] The Contractor’s failure to comply with his ASGI-SA obligations constitutes substantial failure on the part of the Contractor to comply with his obligations under this contract. Subcontracting Preferred subcontractors TSC3 does not make use of nominated subcontracting, but the Employer may list which subcontractors or suppliers the Contractor is required to enter into subcontracts with. This is usually only required where specialist services need to be obtained from a particular supplier or group of suppliers in order to comply with operational standards. Subcontract documentation, and assessment of subcontract tenders Specify any constraints on how the Contractor is to prepare subcontract documentation, whether use of the NEC system is compulsory or not (compulsory is recommended) and how subcontract tenders are to be issued, received, assessed (using a joint report?) and awarded.
People in this context are the recipients of services provided by the local authority, or the direct beneficiaries of its activities. They can be of any age, for example:-  residents of local authority homes;  clients of, for example, social workers and home carers;  pupils of schools in the local authority’s area;  users of libraries and leisure facilities;  recipients of local authority services, including public health services;  those who benefit from local authority inspection and registration activities;  users of cafes, restaurants and other businesses, who benefit from local authority inspection and enforcement activities. Those who are "beneficiaries" or recipients will not necessarily be happy with the relevant activities, for example, abused children removed from their families, restaurant owners being inspected for compliance with hygiene regulations.
People. The Employer’s standard for management and control of supplemental workers at KOU is document in KSA-119 Rev 2. The Contractor employs in and about the Provision of the Works only such persons that are careful, competent and efficient in their several trades and callings, to achieve nuclear safety, and the Employer reserves the right to object to and require the Contractor to remove from the works, forthwith, any person employed by the Contractor in or about the Provision of the Works who, in the opinion of the Project Manager, misconduct’s himself or is incompetent or negligent in the proper performance of his duties and such person is not again employed for the works without the written permission of the Project Manager. The Contractor, in and about the Provision of the Works, provides evidence of skills assessment (including qualifications) for all its staff. Contractor project manager, QC and supervisors are required to present SAQA approved certificates (or equivalent), for the position that they fulfil. The Contractor’s project manager is trained on the NEC ECC3 prior the access date. Any personnel that do not meet the panel requirements will have their access to site revoked. The Contractor ensures that the Contractor’s employees are reasonably fluent in the language of the contract. The Contractor maintains at all times a harmonious relationship with and co-operates with the Employer and all its suppliers and sub-suppliers or their employees who may be involved. All radiation workers comply with such radiation protection standards as is required by the Employer.