Supply Chain Sample Clauses

Supply Chain. Advise and assist Dominion Companies in the procurement of real and personal property, materials, supplies and services, conduct purchase negotiations, prepare procurement agreements and administer programs of material control.
Supply Chain. The Principal Recipient shall use its best efforts to ensure optimal reliability, efficiency and security with regard to the supply chain for all products purchased with Grant funds.
Supply Chain. For the purposes of condition 3.1.4 (Resources, Key Personnel and use of Supply Chain) of the Conditions of Contract), the members of the Contractor’s Supply Chain are as set out in the attached Schedule of Supply Chain Members which is attached as Annex 8.
Supply Chain. Supply chain refers to the acquisition and provision of goods and services other than fuel, energy commodities or energy transmission. Specific activities include material inventory management, contract administration services, warehousing and logistics services and the establishment of standards. The category also encompasses the purchase and oversight for, and maintenance of, vehicles and related equipment.
Supply Chain. Notwithstanding the obligations set forth in the Santen Co-Promotion Agreement, Company and BYL will maintain a minimum inventory of [****] of work-in-process inventory of Licensed Product allocated for Japan for the first [****] following the First Commercial Sale in Japan, and thereafter, a minimum inventory of [****] of work-in-process inventory of Licensed Product allocated for Japan. The foregoing requirements shall be reviewed by the parties in good faith if [****]. For purposes of this paragraph 16, “work in progress inventory” shall mean Licensed Product in vials or syringes prior to labeling or blistering, filled vials or syringes of Licensed Product that are labeled or blistered prior to sterilization, or sterilized and filled vials or blisters of Licensed Product that are labeled or blistered prior to packaging.
Supply Chain. 8.1 At the Buyer’s request, the Supplier must terminate any Sub-Contracts in any of the following events:
Supply Chain. 60.1. The Contractor must notify the Authority where it proposes to make any change to its sub-contractors named in “Schedule 10 (Approved Sub-contractors) – Managed Print Solutions”.
Supply Chain. The Contractor is responsible for exercising due diligence to use genuine hardware and software products that are free of malware.
Supply Chain. STOCK AVAILABILITY Suppliers should collaborate with Halfords to ensure that their products are continuously in stock at Halfords DC. Halfords Supply Department will endeavour to schedule orders to achieve this, but would ask for your assistance in monitoring trends to highlight potential issues. Suppliers are expected to be proactive in terms of looking after their own interests; if your product stocks out, you will lose sales. Information on Sales, Stock and Orders can be provided to help your planning via Halfords own Supplier Internet Site. Please contact your Halfords Merchandise Planner in the first instance to discuss further how you could benefit from subscribing to this site. Booking Confirmation Deliveries All bookings for Halfords DC are on a timed delivery basis. Bookings can be requested as soon as the purchase order is received. A booking must be requested for each vehicle. Suppliers must confirm their delivery at least 48 hours prior to the delivery, using e-mail as detailed below. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in delivery due dates being missed with a non-compliance instance being recorded against that Supplier. Suppliers must complete the appropriate Booking Request Form, see appendix 4.3 and 4.4, and e-mail this to the E-Mail address printed on the booking form, as per the instructions below. Advanced Shipping Once a delivery has been confirmed, Halfords will issue Number (ASN) a unique Advanced Shipping Number (ASN). This must be quoted on all correspondence, delivery documentation and invoices relating to that delivery. Please note, when confirming a delivery appointment each purchase order, to SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) unit level, must be accurately stated.
Supply Chain. The Contractor shall provide Authorized Users with a supply chain that will ensure the reliable delivery of bulk motor fuel products at all times during the term of this Contract, or any Renewal Term period.