Quality Management System definition

Quality Management System means a set of interrelated or interacting elements that organisations use to direct and control how quality policies are implemented and quality objectives are achieved;
Quality Management System means requirements for manufacturing of medical devices as specified in the Fifth Schedule;
Quality Management System means a formalised system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities to support achieving defined quality standards in a consistent manner;

Examples of Quality Management System in a sentence

  • Quality management system documentation must be read, evaluated and approved before being disseminated by authorised persons.

  • Quality management system documentation must be managed in such a way as to assure that only valid documents are available.

More Definitions of Quality Management System

Quality Management System or “QMS” means a collection of business processes and governance structures focused on consistently meeting Regulatory Authority and GMP requirements. The Quality Management System is expressed as an organisational structure, policies, procedures, processes and resources needed to maintain compliance to Eudralex Vol 4, Chapter 1 that are set out in the Quality Technical Agreement, and encompass the contents of Schedule 8 (Warehouse and Procurement Management Provisions), Schedule 9 (Environmental Monitoring), Schedule 10 (IT Infrastructure), Schedule 12 (Module and Centre Specification).
Quality Management System includes the system by which the Owner manages the quality of its coal loading operations at the Transfer Facilities;
Quality Management System. Seller shall maintain a quality management system which is acceptable and appropriate for the items supplied and shall comply with either regulatory (FAA) or general industry standards (ISO/AS). Items supplied shall meet the requirements in the applicable technical specifications and documentation (drawings, specifications, standards, etc.). It shall be the sole responsibility of Seller to monitor that technical specifications regarding materials, methods, form, fitness, and function are observed, whether the items have been manufactured by Seller or by any of Seller’s subcontractors. If no specific requirements are stated, good industry and craftsman-like practice shall be observed. It is understood that in the absence of applicable technical specification and/or revisions, Seller will utilize the latest revision.
Quality Management System means a collection of business processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction. It is expressed as the organizational structure, policies, procedures, processes, and resources needed to implement quality management.
Quality Management System or “QSR” means the regulatory requirements under the Applicable Laws of an Regulatory Authority for the methods used in, and the facilities and controls used for, the design, Manufacture, packing, labeling, storage, installation and servicing of Product.
Quality Management System means the GSK Group’s system of quality management controls designed to ensure regulatory compliance and to assure product safety, quality and efficacy in the GSK Group’s operations with regard to the manufacture and supply of investigational materials or products for sale or distribution and implemented pursuant to the GSK Group’s Corporate Policy entitled Quality Management System (POL-GSKF-514).
Quality Management System means the combination of processes used to ensure that the degree of excellence specified is achieved;