Quality Plan definition

Quality Plan means the quality plan to be produced by the Contractor in accordance with Schedule S2-10 (Quality Plan);
Quality Plan means the document which details the set of activities, resources and actions that make up the quality management for Equipment or Materials and for a specific organisation.
Quality Plan means the mutually agreed upon in-process and final product test and inspection plans as set forth in Exhibit D.

Examples of Quality Plan in a sentence

  • Stream impacts covered under this General Water Quality Certification and undertaken by those persons defined as an agricultural operation under the Agricultural Water Quality Act must be completed in compliance with the Kentucky Agricultural Water Quality Plan (KWQP).

  • The Contractor further agrees that any changes in Quality Plan will be made only with the Owners approval.

  • Quality Plans for manufacturing and field activities entitled as Quality Plan.

  • Once agreed by the Authority the Quality Plan shall be incorporated into the Contract.

  • Where required in Schedule 3 (Contract Data Sheet) the Contractor shall provide a Certificate of Conformity (CofC) in accordance with Schedule 2 (Schedule of Requirements) and any applicable Quality Plan.

More Definitions of Quality Plan

Quality Plan means an overarching system and/or process whereby quality assurance and quality improvement activities are incorporated and infused into all aspects of a behavioral health administrative service organization's (BH-ASO's) or managed care organization's (MCO's) operations.
Quality Plan means quality assurance and quality control plan to be prepared by Contractor in compliance with the requirements in the Work Specifications.
Quality Plan means quality assurance and quality control plan to be prepared by Seller in compliance with the requirements in this specification.
Quality Plan means the quality plan to be provided by the Operating Company pursuant to Schedule 3 Contract Management, Section 4 Systems, Plans and Records.
Quality Plan means the plan to be developed by the Contractor pursuant to clause 15.
Quality Plan has the meaning set forth in Section 3.18.
Quality Plan means the quality plan, setting out the Contractor’s means of complying with his obligations in relation to Quality Assurance provided and maintained in accordance with GCC Clause 4.9, in the form and detail prescribed in Appendix 6 of Volume 3 of the Contract.