A Member Sample Clauses

A Member. (a) shall not be granted unpaid leave of more than two (2) consecutive years; and,
A Member. Employee on any type of Union leave shall have equal consideration when the Member applies for a job posting within the Board. L10.0 - UNION MEMBERSHIP & DUES & CHECK-OFF
A Member is anyone who has registered with the School-Days Programme and opened a School-Days account with TrustEd;
A Member. (a) which is a company, a limited or general partnership or other business entity may transfer for any consideration whatsoever all of the shares registered in its name to any other company (in these Articles called an "ASSOCIATED COMPANY") which is an Affiliate of that member, a holding company of that member or which is a subsidiary of that member or which is another subsidiary of such a holding company (the expressions "SUBSIDIARY" and "HOLDING COMPANY" having the meanings given to them respectively in section 736 of the Act) provided that if at any time the transferor and transferee cease to be so associated for any reason other than a change in general partner, manager or advisor, the transferee shall forthwith transfer to the transferor the shares then registered in its name;
A Member. Employee who is terminated for a reason other than just cause shall receive a notice in accordance with the Employment Standards Act.
A Member. In addition to the Members as set forth on Exhibit A and ------ any other Members admitted in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Company shall, on or before the date on which the Offering and the Partnership Interest Purchase Agreement are consummated, admit and shall at all times at which Senior Secured Notes are outstanding continue to have a "Special ------- Independent Member". Although the Special Independent Member shall be a member ------------------ of the Company under this Agreement and the Delaware Act, (i) all references in this Agreement to a "Member" or the "Members" shall not, unless expressly provided otherwise, include the Special Independent Member, (ii) the Special Independent Member shall have no rights to receive any allocations of profits or losses or distributions from the Company, (iii) the Special Independent Member shall not, except as expressly provided herein, have any right to participate in any actions or decisions required or permitted to be taken by the Members hereunder and (iii) the Special Independent Member shall only have such rights, benefits, duties and obligations in and to the Company as are expressly provided under this Agreement. As used herein the following terms shall have the following meanings: