A Member Sample Clauses

A Member. (a) shall not be granted unpaid leave of more than two (2) consecutive years; and,
A Member. Employee on any type of Union leave shall have equal consideration when the Member applies for a job posting within the Board. L10.0 - UNION MEMBERSHIP & DUES & CHECK-OFF
A Member. (i) Makes a general assignment for the benefit of creditors;
A Member or Manager who votes for a distribution or Tax Advance in violation of this Agreement or the Act is personally liable to the Company for the amount of the distribution or Tax Advance that exceeds what could have been distributed or advanced without violating this Agreement or the Act if it is established that the Member or Manager did not act in compliance with Section 6.7.2 or Section 9.4. Any Member or Manager who is so liable shall be entitled to compel contribution from: (a) each other Member or Manager who also is so liable; and (b) each Member or Manager for the amount the Member received with knowledge of facts indicating that the distribution or advance was made in violation of this Agreement or the Act.
A Member whose application for a reduced appointment is approved shall receive a letter of reduced appointment from the President which shall state:
A Member may modify or withdraw any commitment in its Schedule, at any time after three years have elapsed from the date on which that commitment entered into force [...] At the request of any Member the benefits of which under this Agreement may be affected ... the modifying Member shall enter into negotiations with a view to reaching agreement on any necessary compensatory adjustment. [...] Compensatory adjustments shall be made on a most- favoured-nation basis. If agreement is not reached ... [an] affected Member may refer the matter to arbitration. GATS and Regulation: too much scope for unnecessary measures? “ ... there are few significant GATS prohibitions that would apply to invalidate non- discriminatory domestic regulation” ... [except for accountancy] “it cannot be said today that "necessity" is an important discipline for domestic regulation under GATS." (Joel P. Trachtman, The ‘Necessity Test’ in Domestic Services Regulation: How to Move Forward in the GATS?, May 2002)