Category B definition

Category B means that the base prospectus shall include all the general principles related to the information required, and only the details which are unknown at the time of the approval of the base prospectus can be left in blank for later insertion in the final terms;
Category B means a marker-in;
Category B means the category of registered operators whose tax periods are periods of two months ending on the last day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December of the calendar year;

Examples of Category B in a sentence

  • Category (a): Component Administration Not applicable to this component Category (b): Environmental / Engineering / Design Task 1: Intra-Basin Water Exchange Feasibility Study: Planning and Feasibility‌ Conduct planning and design activities associated with diverting water exchange from intra-basin sources such as the Thermalito Water and Sewer District and/or South Feather Water and Power Agency.

  • Category (a): Component Administration Not applicable to this component Category (b): Environmental / Engineering / Design‌ Task 1: Landowner Access Agreement/Site Access Acquire landowner access agreement(s) required to install monitoring xxxxx, piezometers, and stream gages if applicable.

  • Category (a): Component Administration Not applicable to this component Grant Agreement No. 4600015879 Category (b): Environmental / Engineering / Design Conduct a long-term financing options study for funding the Wyandotte Creek GSA.

More Definitions of Category B

Category B means with respect to helicopters, means a single- engine or multi-engine helicopter which does not meet Category A standards. Category B helicopters have no guaranteed capability to continue safe flight in the event of an engine failure, and a forced landing is assumed.
Category B. The Governance Committee makes a recommendation respecting the matter after receipt of a written recommendation from Cal-Am. However, Cal-Am may determine, at its sole discretion, whether or not to follow the Governance Committee’s recommendation, provided that if Cal-Am chooses not to follow the recommendation, Cal-Am shall provide a written explanation of Cal-Am’s reasons for its decision not to follow the recommendation within ten (10) calendar days following the issuance of the Governance Committee’s recommendation. Further, should Cal-Am choose not to follow the recommendation of the Governance Committee, then any Party may raise the issue for review by the CPUC during Cal-Am’s next general rate case.
Category B means a partner, a sole proprietor, a director, or a member who, jointly or severally with his other partners, co-directors, or co-members, bears the risks of business, takes full responsibility for the liabilities of such practice, performs work of a conceptual nature in engineering design and development, provides strategy guidance in planning and executing a project and/or carries responsibility for quality management pertaining to a project. (e.g. The Engineer for the project)
Category B. For the Participants with no investment rate grading but with rating equal to or above B3 Xxxxx’x grade (or equivalent from S&P or Fitch).
Category B desktop computer means a desktop computer with:
Category B integrated desktop computer means an integrated desktop computer with:
Category B notebook computer means a notebook computer with at least one discrete graphics card (dGfx);