Category B definition

Category B means the category of vendors whose tax periods are periods of two months ending on the last day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December of the calendar year;
Category B means that the base prospectus shall include all the general principles related to the information required, and only the details which are unknown at the time of the approval of the base prospectus can be left in blank for later insertion in the final terms;
Category B means wider rivers and canals where the depth of water is generally 1.5 metres or more and where the significant wave height could not be expected to exceed 0.6 metres at any time;

Examples of Category B in a sentence

Category B Situation means a situation in which the condition of theCompany’s Electric Lines or Electrical Plant prevents metering work from being carried out or prevents a meter from being exchanged but where the situation is not a Category A Situation.Category C Situation means an issue with the Company’s Electric Lines orElectrical Plant that is neither a Category A Situation nor a Category B Situation.

The scope of EA for a Category B project may vary from project to project, but it is narrower than that of Category A EA.

The CFAST has been screened and assigned an EA Category B as it intends to finance a variety of types of rural investments (including rehabilitation or addition/extension to existing irrigation infrastructure, upgrading from traditional irrigation infrastructure and other essential infrastructure such as warehouse, marketing centre, access tracks etc.) that can have adverse environmental and social impacts24.

In preparing this ESMF, a consideration of the type of future investments planned vis- à-vis the baseline conditions at potential target areas against the requirements of the Bank Safeguard policies, has led to CFAST project being assigned Environmental Risk Assessment Category B and thus triggers the following World Bank Safeguard Polices.

SARS issued RFP 14/2020 inviting service providers to submit proposals for the provision of employee health and wellness related services to SARS either for Category A – Employee Assistance Programme or Category B – Executive Wellness Programme or for both categories.

More Definitions of Category B

Category B means a marker-in;
Category B means a Discovery Product in [***], such as [***].
Category B means with respect to helicopters means a single engine or multi-engined helicopter which does not meet category standards. Category B helicopters have no guaranteed capability to continue safe flight in the event of an engine failure, and a force landing is assumed.
Category B means a partner, a sole proprietor, a director, or a member who, jointly or severally with his other partners, co-directors, or co-members, bears the risks of business, takes full responsibility for the liabilities of such practice, performs work of a conceptual nature in engineering design and development, provides strategy guidance in planning and executing a project and/or carries responsibility for quality management pertaining to a project. (e.g. The Engineer for the project)
Category B with respect to helicopters means single-engine or multiengine helicopters which do not fully meet all Category A standards. Category B helicopters have no guaranteed stay-up ability in the event of engine failure and unscheduled landing is assumed.
Category B. Supplier Personnel means [***] Supplier Personnel, in accordance with the Rate Card set out at Appendix 5-C.