Graphic Design Sample Clauses

Graphic Design. 4.1. Number of Graphic Design Concepts and Design Variations
Graphic Design. 10. The Client will provide the graphic chart, including the brand element (logo & colors) for the application’s design. The Agency will provide all the components required to the designer after the Project Specification sprint. The Client is responsible for providing the dynamic graphic elements such as product pictures, suppliersimages & logo, promotion images, and any other images or pictures that can change over time and are not part of a static template.
Graphic Design. Mobile application design and graphical interface creation; pages will be designed to mirror the existing screens on the A La Carte Charts application.
Graphic Design. The parties to this agreement will offer advanced courses in accordance with this written agreement. KDE programs of study will conform to the curriculum guidelines developed by the joint curriculum committee and will be available for review on the KDE website ( KDE further agrees that the Career and Technical Education Program of Studies will encourage the integration of technical and academic content in a meaningful, applied way, and that, when possible, instructors of all courses will implement applied teaching techniques as appropriate to classroom content. The parties agree that there will be no charge to students for any articulated credit covered in this agreement, either when the course is taken as a secondary student or when the student enrolls at The University of the Cumberlands transcription of these credits. . Further, there will be no fees associated with the The parties further agree that the KDE personnel and UC will maintain relationships that will permit continued development, refinement and implementation of all components of the program, including evaluation, marketing, counseling, recruitment and retention plans.
Graphic Design. These are art related functions of selecting and arranging visual elements which consist of typography, colors, images, and symbols to convey a message to the targeted audience of the WIC publications.
Graphic Design. The Manchester Community College Associate Degree in Graphic Design is administered by the chair of the department Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx and program coordinator, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx and supervised by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Xxxx Xxxxxx). The Xxxxx State College Baccalaureate in Art: Graphic Design Option is administered by the chair of the department (Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx) and supervised by the Xxxx of Arts and Humanities.
Graphic Design. Finally, the toolkit was sent to a graphic designer to develop the overall layout, visual content, and production of the toolkit. After a few versions, the toolkit was finalized. IRB Approval In July 2019, I had sent a “Not Human Subjects ResearchDetermination Request to Emory University’s Institutional Review Board. Based on their review, it was determined that this special studies project did not require IRB review because it does not meet the definition of “research” with human subjects or “clinical investigation” as set forth in Emory policies and procedures and federal rules. Chapter 4: Results Focus Group Discussion Results
Graphic Design. On January 18, Small Army met with OneBeacon to review the portal design requirements in greater detail to ensure that the next set of designs were in line with needs and expectations. At that meeting, many of the aforementioned items were noted. Based on that feedback, Small Army will proceed as follows: Within days after the approval of this modified proposal, Small Army will provide a creative brief to OneBeacon for review and approval. This brief will outline the general design direction for the portal, content elements to be included on home and sub-level pages and other key design factors. Approximately 10 days after the approval of the creative brief, Small Army will present three design options for the portal. Each option will include a sample home page and sub-level page, and also show how the page designs can be modified to work with each of the unique audiences (the 12-14 top sections/home ages in the agent/employee portal). Upon your selection of a design direction, Small Army will make modifications as requested (we plan/budget for no more than 2 rounds of revisions) and also provide additional design direction on needs for each unique top-section/home page and specific styles such as tables, bullets, numbered lists, etc. (a list of needs elements must be provide by OneBeacon with the approved creative brief). Upon approval of the design, Small Army will prepare HTML templates with style sheets for hand-off to the OneBeacon development team. Portal Planning/Consulting In addition to the above, Small Army is confident that our experience with portal content architecture, graphic design and implementation can be of significant benefit to OneBeacon — especially between now and the time of launch. Therefore, we recommend that Small Army be an active participant in portal planning discussion to help advise on best practices and lessons learned to help ensure your success. We estimate approximately 20 to 25 hours per month of such activity during the months of February and March.
Graphic Design. Mobile application design and graphical interface creation; Application will be designed to mirror the existing screens on the A La Carte Charts application. The interface will be designed to be clean, modern, and intuitive;
Graphic Design. Based on approved wire-frames, Small Army will develop multiple graphic design options for your review, feedback and approval. Given the due diligence conducting prior to getting to this point, we anticipate up to 2 rounds of revisions to designs prior to final approval. Upon final approval, Small Army will hand off PSD files to OneBeacon for implementation.