An E Sample Clauses

An E. C.E. wishing to be assigned to another location or increase their contract for the following school year may apply in writing by submitting a Request for Placement Form to the Human Resources Department by May 15th. The Board will consider each request based on the needs of the system, vacancies, satisfactory performance reviews and seniority.
An E. C.E who is a member of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee will be paid at their regular rate of pay for attendance at all meetings of the committee.
An E. C.E. who is on an LTO assignment as determined by the Board shall receive 1 sick day per month to a maximum of 8 days, prorated according to contractual status. Sick leave credits will not accumulate beyond the end of the LTO assignment. Credits will be depleted at the end of the LTO assignment.
An E. A. on leave may not receive any remuneration from the Lakehead District School Board during the period of the leave other than the amount of salary deferred plus interest accrued as per Clause 16:08:04.
An E. ZPass Tag may be used for occasional towing of trailers on Maine Turnpike facilities only. The towing vehicle must be a class 1 vehicle (2-axle, 4-tire maximum). The appropriate toll will be charged to the account balance. Please check with other E-ZPass Agencies before using a Maine E-ZPass tag while towing a trailer on toll highways other than the Maine Turnpike. VOLUME DISCOUNTS
An E. A. shall have the right to refuse an offer of recall if it is not of equivalent hours and qualifications from which they were laid off. The E.A. shall not forfeit any right of recall under this article for such refusal.
An E. A.P. Committee consisting of four employees (2 from the Company and 2 from the Union) will be established. The function of this committee will be to review the effectiveness of the
An E. A. on lay-off shall have the right to refuse two (2) recalls to a permanent position during the period of lay-off, except as outlined in 12:08 (v).
An E. A. returning from leave must remain in the employ of the Board for a period of time at least equal to the period of time the E.A. was on leave. 16:08:05.05 Should an E.A. elect not to take the leave within the six-year period as indicated in Clause 16:08:05:02, the salary plus interest accrued shall be paid to the E.A. no later than the end of the first taxation year after the expiration of the six-year period in Clause 16:08:05:02.