Movable Property Sample Clauses

Movable Property. All movable property owned by the Grantor and covered by the installment or conditional sales mentioned in paragraph 3.2.3 hereof. A right or a claim shall not be excluded from the Charged Property by reason of the fact that: (i) the debtor thereof is domiciled outside the Province of Québec or (ii) the debtor thereof is an affiliate (as such term is defined in the Canada Business Corporations Act) of the Grantor (regardless of the law of the jurisdiction of its incorporation) or (iii) such right or claim is not related to the operation of the Grantor or (iv) such right or claim is not related to the ordinary course of business of the Grantor.
Movable Property. Legal title to all Movable Property in existence at the Commencement Date shall be retained by MWSS. The Concessionaire is hereby granted the right to operate, maintain in good working order, repair, decommission and refurbish the Movable Property required to provide the water and sewage services under this Agreement; provided, however, that upon expiration of the useful life of any such Movable Property as maybe determined by the Concessionaire, such Movable Material shall be returned to MWSS in its then-current condition at no charge to MWSS or the Concessionaire.
Movable Property. (a) Schedule 2.1.9(a) hereto contains (i) a list, prepared as of a recent date, of all of the movable property which is used in the operation of the Division or the CEV business, as the case may be, other than (x) any such movable property which is obsolete or has been taken out of service and/or is not necessary to such operations and (y) movable property not comprised within the Transferred Assets but to be made available to the Company or CEVCO after the Closing pursuant to the Related Agreements ("Movable Property"), and (ii) a description of all leases or other agreements under which any Movable Property is leased to Seller or the Company or CEVCO as the case may be.
Movable Property. The Company shall not indemnify the Insured under Sections 1 to 3 against any loss in respect of movable property in the open, fences and gates, caused by wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow, flood, or dust.
Movable Property. All movable property owned by the Grantor and covered by the instalment sales mentioned in paragraph 4.5.3
Movable Property. Each item of material tangible movable property of the Company is in all material respects in good operating condition and repair, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and suitable for continued use in the Company’s business as presently conducted. All leased movable property of the Company is in all material respects in the condition required of such property by the terms of the applicable lease. The Company is in possession of and has good title to, or has valid leasehold interests in or valid rights under contract to use, all tangible movable property used in or reasonably necessary for the conduct of its business free and clear of all liens other than liens permitted by the Investor in writing.
Movable Property. (a) All of the machinery, equipment, vehicles, and other items of movable or personal property which are included within the Transferred Assets or owned or leased by Europe or any Acquired Entity are in good condition and repair in all material respects, subject to normal wear and tear, suited for the use intended, and are and have been operated in all material respects in conformity with all applicable insurance requirements, manufacturer's operating manuals, manufacturer's warranties, and applicable Orders and Laws. CK Witco has previously delivered to Yorkshire the Fixed Assets Registers, which together constitute a true, correct and substantially complete list of all movable property owned by Europe or any Acquired Entity or included within the Transferred Assets. To the best of CK Witco's or Holdings' knowledge, there are no defects or conditions which would cause the movable property to be or become inoperable or unsafe.
Movable Property. 4.2.1 The Holding Companies and the Companies of the Matchmind Group hold valid title over all the movable property they use during the ordinary course of their businesses, specifically including: data processing equipment, furniture, motor vehicles, machinery and any other tangible assets. These are free from any mortgages, pledges, charges, liens, attachments, third-party rights or any other similar constraints.
Movable Property. 6.12.1. SCHEDULE 6.12.1 contains a list which enumerates each item of movable property owned or leased by the Seller on the date hereof with a net book value exceeding Euros 10,000 on the date it was acquired or the date hereof and necessary for, used in and primarily dedicated to the conduct of the Cables Business on the date hereof ("Movable Property").
Movable Property. (i) Other than as set forth in Schedule 3.4 hereto, the Company has unrestricted and unencumbered title to all movable property, except for those restrictions or encumbrances incurred in the ordinary course of business; (ii) except for the lease referred to in Section 5.3, there is no real property or interest in real property included in the assets of the Company; (iii) the movable property is in a condition which allows for its use and disposal in the ordinary course of business without extraordinary costs and losses; (iv) the inventory included in the movable property consists of items of good quality useable and saleable in the ordinary course of business of the Company, fit for its intended purpose, correctly accounted for in the books and records of the Company in accordance with German generally accepted accounting principles at the lower of cost or market value (Niederstwertprinzip) and, except to the extent of a write down in accordance with the principle of commercial precaution and so reflected in the Financial Statements or the books and records of the Company, is not used, slow moving, below standard, damaged, defective, obsolete or otherwise unusable or unmarketable and is in compliance with all material applicable regulations, rules and certifications, is in conformity in all material respects with all material applicable product registrations and specifications and has received customary maintenance; and (v) none of the movable property is subject to any agreement or commitment for sale or disposition, or has been disposed of, except for inventories being sold and dispositions of movable property in the ordinary course of business.