CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 1. Acceptance of this contract by GROWER and ASSOCIATION constitutes notice that this variety will be protected under the Plant Variety Protection Act. Any seed produced can be sold only as a class of certified seed unless notified otherwise by NDAES. GROWER agrees to apply to the ND State Seed Department for field inspection and seed certification.
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. It is hereby agreed and declared by the parties as under :
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 16.1 Severability 49 16.2 Duration 49 16.3 Modification 49 16.4 No Sub-Contracting 50 SIGNATORIES 51 APPENDICES A Job Family Position Table 52 B 2021-2022 Salary Schedules 53 C Preference Pool Assignment Form 54 D Grievance Form 55 E Request for Working Conditions Committee 56 F Substitute Plans and Checklist 57 G AISP Leave Types 59 H Leadership and Mentoring Pilot 60 I Memorandum of Understanding 62 Impact of the Pandemic of Coronavirus and Vaccination Requirements for the 2021-2022 School Year AGREEMENT BETWEEN BELLEVUE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 405 and SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION, LOCAL 925 ADMINISTRATIVE AND INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT PERSONNEL THIS AGREEMENT is by and between BELLEVUE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 405, (herein- after called the “District”) and SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION, LOCAL 925, (hereinafter called the “Union”).
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 1. The Coordinator of the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Mathematics with a concentration in Data Science at Bloomsburg University and the Coordinator of the Associate of Science degree in Data Science at NCC will monitor this agreement.
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 1. The aforementioned student is enrolled in a degree-seeking program at the University of Northern Iowa. The University of Northern Iowa will accept approved transfer credit towards the student’s degree on the same basis as credit earned at the University of Northern Iowa. Correspondence credits will not be approved in this agreement.
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 1. The Township shall be the sole judge in determining when the snowplowing contractors perform the snow removal. Any questions regarding snowplowing should be directed to Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx at 000-000-0000.
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. In consideration of The Board providing you with confidential information you are required to accept and comply with the following terms and conditions:
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 15.1 - Separability In the event that any provision of this Agreement shall at any time be declared invalid by any Court of competent jurisdiction or through government regulations or decree, such decision shall not invalidate the entire Agreement, it being the express intention of the parties hereto that all other provisions not declared invalid shall remain in full force and effect, and that the parties shall commence bargaining on any such provisions within fifteen (15) calendar days.
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. (herein 1 The manufacturer agrees to allow the distributor to distribute the product(s), either under the NOA manufacturer’s trade name or the distributor’s trade name, as indicated herein. Manufacturer Product Description Distributor Product Trade Name Product Identification Mark Product Trade Name Product Identification Mark 2 The distributor shall assume full responsibility for the use, installation, design, material, workmanship and operation of the product or the quality of the service rendered, as well as any conditions set within the NOA. 3 The manufacturer shall provide the distributor with adequate instructions for the proper installation, and operation of the product. The manufacturer also shall assist the distributor in issues regarding the quality assurance program as they might relate to the manufacturing of the product.
CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT. 2.1.The Club will maintain the Green and adjacent landkeeping it clean, free from debris and litter, and otherwise in a good condition and to a satisfactory standard for playing – at its own expense.