Government Entity Sample Clauses

Government Entity. You" within the TOS shall mean the Agency itself and shall not apply to, or bind (i) the individual(s) who utilize the Company site or services on Agency's behalf, or (ii) any individual users who happen to be employed by, or otherwise associated with, the Agency.
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Government Entity. Customer represents and warrants that it is not a national, provincial, Federal, state, county or municipal government or any governmental agency, department, subdivision, instrumentality, body, corporation or other arm or extension of any of the foregoing and, in executing and delivering this MSA and receiving the Products and Services hereunder, is not acting under the authority or color of authority of any of the foregoing. This Section 13 shall survive any expiration or termination of this MSA.
Government Entity. “Government Entity” means any U.S. federal, territorial, state or local governmental authority, agency, quasi-governmental authority, instrumentality, self-regulatory organization, commission, tribunal, body, court or other legislative, executive, judicial, regulatory or governmental entity.
Government Entity. A Legal A Legal Entity, the existence of which was established by the government of a nation or a political subdivision thereof and is owned or controlled by such government or political subdivision. Identification and Authentication: The process by which IdenTrust ascertains and confirms through appropriate inquiry and investigation the identity of the Subscriber and, if applicable, representatives of Subscriber. Certain aspects and activities within this process are prescribed by the TrustID CP and CPS. Individual: A natural person and not a juridical person or Legal Entity. Internet: A global system of interconnected computer networks that uses multiple protocols to communicate data. Key Pair: Two mathematically related keys (a Private Key and its corresponding Public Key), having the properties that (i) one key can be used to encrypt a message that can only be decrypted using the other key, and (ii) even knowing one key, it is computationally infeasible to discover the other key. Legal Entity: An association, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, trust, Government Entity or other entity with legal standing in a country’s legal system. Organization: An entity that is legally recognized in its jurisdiction of origin (e.g., a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, government department, non-government Organization, university, trust, special interest group or non-profit corporation).
Government Entity. Notwithstanding the first clause in this Part, the Tenant may without the prior consent of the Landlord assign, sublet, licence, or share occupation of the Premises with another Government Entity or one or more Government Entities. The Tenant must notify the Landlord of any assignment of the Lease to a Government Entity.
Government Entity. A unit or agency of government satisfies this attendance requirement if represented by a person who has, to the greatest extent feasible, authority to settle, and who is knowledgeable about the facts of the case, the governmental unit's position, and the procedures and policies under which the governmental unit decides whether to accept proposed settlements. If the action is brought by a governmental entity on behalf of one (1) or more individuals, at least one (1) such individual also shall attend.
Government Entity. Each of Seller and ProjectCo is not a government entity and does not employ either directly, or, to Seller’s Knowledge, indirectly, a Government Official who shall perform services with respect to the Project. 70
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Government Entity. For the purposes of this Amendment to the Agreement, "You" shall mean the Agency itself and shall not bind in their individual capacity (i) the individual(s) who utilize the Lookout site or Services on Agency's behalf, or (ii) any individual users who happen to be employed by, or otherwise associated with, the Agency. Lookout will look solely to the Agency to enforce any violation or breach of the Agreement by such individuals when they are acting on behalf of the Agency, subject to federal law. All other defined terms in the standard Agreement will retain their definitions as set forth in that agreement.
Government Entity. Subject to the limitations of section 768.28, Florida Statutes, Provider shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless The Children’s Trust and its officers, employees, agents and instrumentalities from any and all liability, losses or damages, including attorney’s fees and costs of defense, which its officers, employees, agents or instrumentalities may incur as a result of claims, demands, suits, causes of actions, or proceedings of any kind or nature arising out of, relating to, or resulting from the performance of this Contract by Provider or its employees, agents, servants, partners, principals or subcontractors. Additionally, Provider pay all claims and losses in connection therewith and shall investigate and defend all claims, suits or actions of any kind or nature in the name of The Children’s Trust where applicable, including appellate proceedings, and shall pay all costs, judgments and reasonable attorney’s fees which may issue thereon, subject to the limitations of section 768.28, Florida Statutes.
Government Entity. Government Entity is defined as a governmental agency from California or any state or a state college or state university from California or any state; a local government entity or agency, including those created as a Joint Powers Authority; an auxiliary organization of the California State University or a California community college; the Federal Government; a foundation organized to support the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges or an auxiliary organization of the Student Aid Commission established under Education Code 69522.
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