Effective Implementation Sample Clauses

Effective Implementation. Arrangements to ensure the effective implementation of ESI funds (Article 15(1) (B) CPR).
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Effective Implementation. A Participating Government shall enact legislation to ensure effective implementation of, and compliance with, this Agreement, including -
Effective Implementation. A. A jurisdiction must have rules and administrative procedures in place to ensure effective implementation of, and compliance with, the reporting and due diligence procedures set out above including:
Effective Implementation. (1) Each State Party shall take all necessary measures, including legislative and administrative measures, to ensure the effective implementation of the object and aims of the Treaty within its territory.18
Effective Implementation. Legal certainty and effective environmental litigation requires not only an independent and impartial application of law but also actual implementation of the eventual decision made by the court.75 Without an effective process of implementation, legal certainty and the integrity of the judicial process are undermined. The efficacy of the implementation process depends, once again, on the integrity of the government officials charged with the task and the adequacy of the resources at their disposal.

Related to Effective Implementation

  • Project Implementation 2. The Borrower shall:

  • COOPERATION IN IMPLEMENTATION On demand of the other Spouse and without undue delay or expense, each Spouse shall execute, acknowledge, or deliver any instrument, furnish any information, or perform any other acts reasonably necessary to carry out the provisions of this Agreement. If a Spouse fails to execute any document as required by this provision, the court may appoint the court clerk or his or her authorized designee to execute the document on that Xxxxxx’s behalf.

  • Implementation Services The Company and the Client have developed a plan for implementing the services to be provided hereunder, including with respect to the transition of responsibility for such services from the Client and its current administrator to the Company, which plan attached hereto as Schedule I (the “Implementation Plan”). The Company shall perform the services required to complete the Implementation Plan, as set forth therein (the “Implementation Services”). The Company and the Client shall comply with any applicable requirements agreed in the Implementation Plan.

  • Implementation of Changes If Tenant: (i) approves in writing the cost or savings and the estimated extension in the time for completion of Landlord’s Work, if any, and (ii) deposits with Landlord any Excess TI Costs required in connection with such Change, Landlord shall cause the approved Change to be instituted. Notwithstanding any approval or disapproval by Tenant of any estimate of the delay caused by such proposed Change, the TI Architect’s determination of the amount of Tenant Delay in connection with such Change shall be final and binding on Landlord and Tenant.

  • Implementation Plan The Authority shall cause to be prepared an Implementation Plan meeting the requirements of Public Utilities Code Section 366.2 and any applicable Public Utilities Commission regulations as soon after the Effective Date as reasonably practicable. The Implementation Plan shall not be filed with the Public Utilities Commission until it is approved by the Board in the manner provided by Section 4.9.

  • Implementation of Corrective Action Plan After the Corrective Action Plan is finalized, the Purchasers shall use reasonable best efforts to implement the finalized Corrective Action Plan on the timeline set forth therein and provide periodic reports (as provided for therein) to the Sellers on the status of their implementation of the Corrective Action Plan.

  • Laboratory Testing All laboratories selected by UPS Freight for analyzing Controlled Substances Testing will be HHS certified.

  • Post-Commercial Operation Date Testing and Modifications Each Party shall at its own expense perform routine inspection and testing of its facilities and equipment in accordance with Good Utility Practice as may be necessary to ensure the continued interconnection of the Large Generating Facility with the Participating TO’s Transmission System in a safe and reliable manner. Each Party shall have the right, upon advance written notice, to require reasonable additional testing of the other Party’s facilities, at the requesting Party’s expense, as may be in accordance with Good Utility Practice.

  • Implementation Report Within 120 days after the Effective Date, Xxxxxxxx shall submit a written report to OIG summarizing the status of its implementation of the requirements of this CIA (Implementation Report). The Implementation Report shall, at a minimum, include:

  • PURPOSE AND IMPLEMENTATION This Umbrella Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement" or "Umbrella Agreement") shall be for the purpose of collaborative research, development, and testing opportunities on various topics of mutual interest to enable advanced understanding of aeronautics, science, and space systems research and development and to provide workforce development in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) while furthering NASA’s research and development goals. The Parties shall execute one (1) Annex Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Annex") concurrently with this Umbrella Agreement. The Parties may execute subsequent Annexes under this Umbrella Agreement consistent with the purpose and terms of this Umbrella Agreement. This Umbrella Agreement shall govern all Annexes executed hereunder; no Annex shall amend this Umbrella Agreement. Each Annex will detail the specific purpose of the proposed activity, responsibilities, schedule and milestones, and any personnel, property, or facilities to be utilized under the task. This Umbrella Agreement takes precedence over any Annexes. In the event of a conflict between the Umbrella Agreement and any Annex concerning the meaning of its provisions, and the rights, obligations and remedies of the Parties, the Umbrella Agreement is controlling.

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