Period 1 definition

Period 1 means for each calendar year, the period beginning on and including the Settlement Date occurring in July of each calendar year, and ending on but not including, the Settlement Date occurring in NovemberAugust of the same calendar year; provided, that the Period 1 occurring in 2020 shall commence on July 13, 2020.
Period 1 means the period from 21 September 2007 o.o.b. until 7 November 2007 c.o.b.;
Period 1. , in relation to an employer, means the period

Examples of Period 1 in a sentence

  • LATE TO SCHOOLStudents are expected to be in school before 7:20, to give themselves enough time to be ready for Period 1 (the first period of instruction) which begins promptly at 7:25 a.m. Although we understand that this is early, and that many of our working age students may hold jobs that require working nights, and / or students may be involved with athletics and activities that occur at night, all students are expected to be on time for school.

  • In Mr Cookson’s Expert Report he sets out the chronology in respect of machining and states that “ the root cause of the 165 calendar day delay to the achievement of Key Date B3.3 was the re-design of the SYMS, the late and fragmented release of design for the Yoke System by [Bluewater] which was carried forward from Period 1 and the late instruction to proceed with machining of the Yoke Hinge Casting on 21 April 2008.”.

  • From Period 1 to Period 2, Line 1 connecting the North with the rest of the system gets most significantly expanded by about 600 MW (Interconnection).

  • Specifically, the Past CAT Costs would be related to “all fees, costs, and expenses (including legal and consulting fees, costs, and expenses) incurred by or for the Company in connection with the development, implementation and operation of the CAT from the effective date of this Section until such time as Full Implementation of CAT NMS Plan Requirements has been achieved” (“Post-Amendment Expenses”) incurred during Period 1, Period, 2, Period 3 or Period 4.

  • The planned analysis began following the release of results from the first set of award boards following Assessment Period 1, at which the majority of undergraduate awards are made.

More Definitions of Period 1

Period 1 means the calendar year ended December 31, 2021.
Period 1 means the period commencing on 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017;
Period 1 means the period beginning on and including one (1) Business Day prior to the Settlement Date occurring in April of each calendar year through and excluding one (1) Business Day prior to the Settlement Date occurring in November of the same calendar year.
Period 1 means the period beginning on and including January 1st of each calendar year through, and including, the last day in February of the same calendar year.
Period 1 shall bear the meaning given to it in paragraph 1 of the Technical Support Schedule;
Period 1 means the period ending on 31 March 2020;