Strategic Objectives Sample Clauses

Strategic Objectives. As part of this Agreement, you agree to continue to make a valuable contribution to the Company and to assist the Company with the assessment and implementation of the strategic alternatives the Company may choose to pursue and to continue to contribute to the development of Riquent(R) and the Company's other drug development efforts. You also agree to continue to work towards closing the transactions contemplated by that certain Securities Purchase Agreement, dated of even date herewith (the "Purchase Agreement").
Strategic Objectives. 1. To coordinate, manage and supervise devolved government functions and activities.
Strategic Objectives i) Increasing availability and access to safe water within 2 xx
Strategic Objectives. Pursuit to increasing crop and livestock production and productivity, the following are the strategic objectives:-
Strategic Objectives. 1. To advocate for the provision of adequate assistance to vulnerable groups;
Strategic Objectives. The Boston Beer Company and Xxxxx-Xxxxxxxx mutually agree to establish teams to develop and actively work on strategic objectives that will focus on ______ improvement initiatives, and _____________ accruing from such initiatives.
Strategic Objectives. 3.1 The Purchaser is committed to commissioning services that fulfil the requirements of the national drugs strategy, whilst meeting local need. Key aims of service commissioning are to: • Ensure 100 % coverage for all injecting drug usersEnsure that communities have access to accurate information about the risks of drug misuse. • Increase the safety of communities from drug related crime. • Reduce the harm drug misuse causes to individuals and to communities. • Protect communities from the health risks, and other damage associated with substance misuse, including the spread of communicable disease such as HIV, or Hepatitis.