Schedule 1 definition

Schedule 1 means Schedule 1 of this Licence unless otherwise stated;
Schedule 1 means Schedule 1 of this Works Approval unless otherwise stated;
Schedule 1 means the schedule which forms a part of this Agreement and contains details of the Supplier, Goods being ordered, Warranty Period, Services, Fees, Insurance and contact details of the Government;

Examples of Schedule 1 in a sentence

  • The Issuer shall promptly deliver to the Collateral Agent an updated Schedule 1 hereto reflecting such particulars.

  • Clause 53 of Schedule 1 of the RMA sets out further requirements for variations to freshwater planning instruments (i.e., a variation to proposed RPS Change 1).

  • A hearings panel appointed under the RMA by the Council, and a freshwater hearings panel convened by the Chief Freshwater Commissioner under part 4 of Schedule 1 to the RMA.

  • As an amendment to a freshwater planning instrument, the relevant statutory process for Variation 1 is the RMA Schedule 1 Part 4 Freshwater Planning Process (the streamlined process for provisions related to freshwater management).

  • The upcoming Schedule 1 process provides an opportunity for wider stakeholder and community consultation through submissions, further submissions, and the hearings process.

More Definitions of Schedule 1

Schedule 1. All applicable Employer contributions (and related earnings) shall be immediately and fully vested. If the eligibility requirement(s) selected by the Employer under the Plan require(s) that an Employee complete a service period which is longer than 12 consecutive months, this vesting Schedule 1 shall be automatically applicable.
Schedule 1 means Schedule 1 of this Licence unless otherwise stated; ‘Schedule 2’ means Schedule 2 of this Licence unless otherwise stated; ‘Special Waste Type 1’ has the meaning defined in Landfill Definitions;
Schedule 1 means Schedule 1 set forth at the end of this Agreement in Exhibit A.
Schedule 1 means the "Nintendo of America Inc. Price Sheet N64 Licensed Game Paks" attached to this Agreement and incorporated by reference into this Agreement.
Schedule 1 means the information detailing IQ Retail’s prevailing licence fees and rates for use of the Software as well as Support Services, contained herein;
Schedule 1 means the computer file, hard copy or microfiche list delivered to the Trustee pursuant to Section 2.01(b) hereof (as such computer file, hard copy or microfiche list may be amended from time to time) which shall contain a true and complete list of all Accounts conveyed to the Trust identified by account number and shall identify the originator of each Account and the amount of Finance Charge Receivables and Principal Receivables in such Account as of the Cut-Off Date or the Additional Account Cut-Off Date, as applicable.
Schedule 1. The Award Criteria used at tender;