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Programs and Services. Every aspect of the service you provide is considered part of your program, and therefore it must be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes parking lots, service counters and spaces, transportation (shuttles, etc.), agendas, flyers, emails, online services, phone calls, meetings, celebrations, classes, recreational activities and more. The guidance in this document is primarily intended to help you provide accessible programs by providing you with the tools to: ▪ survey facilities and identify common architectural barriers for people with disabilities; ▪ identify common ADA compliance problems in your communications and activities; and ▪ remove barriers and fix common ADA compliance problems in these areas. ADA Technical Assistance Materials ADA Update Your programs can be broken into three main categories, (Communications, Facilities, and Activities) which will be covered in more detail below.
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Programs and Services. The LEA is solely and exclusively responsible for the following mandated activities in order to operate its special education programs and services for students enrolled in the LEA. As such, the LEA shall:
Programs and Services a. Employee Health Care Management Xxxxxx Permanente will offer an employee health care management program to help employees manage their chronic diseases and other existing health issues. This program is further described in Section 2.B.3., Other Benefits.
Programs and Services. The School’s philosophy is based on the belief that each young person should be helped to develop to the limit of their potential, both as an individual person and as a wage earner. Programs for high school students at the Venango Technology Center are designed to meet the needs of individuals who desire to acquire or improve the career & technical skills and related academic skills needed to be successful in the job market or further education. The available, quality programs combine the following:  instructors with many years of both work and teaching experiencefacilities and equipment comparable to local business/industry  high quality performance standards, scholarship, professional work ethics and safety  supportive staff to meet the needs of all students The Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Career and Technical Education approve all Venango Technology Center programs. In order for you to benefit from your education experience at the Venango Technology Center this student handbook has been prepared to acquaint you with general information about our operating procedures and the rules and regulations of this School. Venango Technology Center
Programs and Services. Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour Training and Employment Support Services (TESS) - Provided as part of the Employment Services Program, TESS is directed towards individuals with physical, intellectual, psychiatric or cognitive disabilities. The service will enable persons with disabilities to obtain or resume employment when it has been interrupted. The objective of TESS is to assist individuals with permanent or long-term disabilities to gain access to training and employment opportunities. The TESS component provides the following support services: • Training benefitsEmployment benefits • Job-crisis benefits • Adaptive and assistive benefits • Employment counseling/case management For the period between April 1, 2007 and March 31, 2008 there were 384 participants in this program and 55 participants obtained or maintained employment (where the program or service supports this activity) for the same period. The programming under XXXX reflects the priority areas of educational training and employment participation through transitional supports to training and employment and job crisis supports.
Programs and Services. A. If education programs and services of the District are to be modified because of a lack of financial resources, the following guidelines shall be taken into consideration in determining the programs and services to be retained, modified or eliminated:
Programs and Services. 8.6.1 A Tåîchô community government may enter into agreements with government, other community governments in Môwhì Gogha Dè Nîîtåèè (NWT), the Tåîchô Government or bodies of a type identified in the legislation establishing the Tåîchô community governments to deliver, administer and manage programs and services for residents of a Tåîchô community.
Programs and Services a. Health Promotion Health promotion focuses on keeping people healthy. Xxxxxx Permanente will offer services to enable its employees to focus on prevention by actively promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. To achieve this, local facilities will in Partnership implement and coordinate health and wellness activities aimed at improving the wellbeing of all employees. Health promotion services and wellbeing programs may include, but are not limited to, self-help classes and support groups.
Programs and Services. 14.1 Platform or SFDC Service features that interoperate with Google programs and services depend on the continuing availability of applicable Google application programming interfaces (“APIs”) and programs for use with the Platform and the SFDC Service. If Google ceases to make such APIs and/or programs available on reasonable terms to SFDC, SFDC may cease providing such features without entitling You or Reseller to any refund, credit, or other compensation.
Programs and Services. 17.1 During the term of a self-government financial transfer agreement, the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation and Government shall negotiate the assumption of responsibility by the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation for the management, administration and delivery of any program or service within the jurisdiction of the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation, whether or not the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation has enacted a law respecting such matter.