SERVICES TO BE Sample Clauses

SERVICES TO BE. PERFORMED ------------------------ AFS agrees to provide to one or both of the Client Companies, as applicable, the following services: 1) to provide resources necessary to procure coal and other fuel and related transportation, and to manage such items and assets, including resale and risk management activities, for the power plants of AmerenUE; 2) to provide resources necessary to procure natural gas supply, storage and pipeline transportation capacity, and to manage such items and assets, including resale and risk management activities for the Client Companies; 3) to provide and manage other energy related commodities, including but not limited to petroleum coke, alternative fuels, propane, limestone, oil, ash, emissions contracts, and weather contracts; 4) to provide planning and budgeting, business reporting, transaction administration, rail car and other fuel related asset management, operational coordination, contract and counter-party administration, regulatory reporting, support and compliance, ash management activities, management of emissions accounts, and the negotiation, execution and administration of contracts between any Client Company and third parties necessary to facilitate the above; and 5) to provide other related activities as requested. In addition to the services set forth above, AFS shall render advice and assistance in connection with such other matters as Client Companies may request and AFS determines it is able to perform with respect to Client Companies' business and operations.
SERVICES TO BE. PERFORMED AS ADMINISTRATIVE AGENT FOR CLASS A SHARES. Subject to the supervision and direction of the Board of Trustees of the Trust, you undertake to perform the following administrative and shareholder services to the extent that no other party is obligated to perform them on behalf of the Fund and shareholders: (i) maintain shareholder accounts which shall include name, address, taxpayer identification number, and number of shares; (ii) prepare shareholder statements; (iii) prepare confirmations; (iv) prepare shareholder lists when reasonably requested by us; (v) mail shareholder communications, including, but not limited to, shareholder statements, confirmations, prospectuses, statements of additional information, annual and semi-annual reports and proxy statements (collectively, "Shareholder Communications"); (vi) tabulate proxies; (vii) disburse dividends and other distributions; (viii) withhold taxes on U.S. resident and non-resident accounts where applicable; (ix) prepare and file U.S. Treasury Department Forms 1099 and other appropriate forms required by applicable statutes, rules and regulations resulting from your role hereunder; (x) furnish to the Board of Trustees quarterly written reports which set out the amounts expended under the Distribution and Shareholder Services Plans and the purposes for which those expenditures were made; and (xi) provide such other similar services directly to accounts as we may reasonably request to the extent you are permitted to do so under applicable statutes, rules and regulations. You shall provide all personnel and facilities necessary in order for you to perform one or more of the functions described in this paragraph with respect to your Shareholders. In performing all services under this Agreement, you shall act in conformity with applicable law, the Trust's Master Trust Agreement and By-Laws, and all amendments thereto, and the Trust's Registration Statement, as amended from time to time.
SERVICES TO BE. PERFORMED BY OSS The services to be performed for the Fund by OSS are set forth in Schedule A to this Agreement, which Schedule is incorporated as part of this Agreement. OSS shall perform such services as registrar, transfer agent, dividend and distribution disbursing agent, redemption agent, clearing agent and exchange agent or as service agent for the Fund.
SERVICES TO BE. PERFORMED BY PROVIDER Provider agrees to perform the following services:
SERVICES TO BE. PERFORMED BY DEVELOPER Developer will plan, develop, market, construct and sell the lots comprising the Project and perform all necessary services and duties in connection therewith, or cause such services or duties to be rendered and performed by others. The Developer shall cause the Project to be developed, marketed, constructed and sold (i) substantially in accordance with the plans and specifications for the Project approved by Owner (the "Plans and Specifications") and (ii) in substantial compliance with the terms of the development budget ("Full Cost Development Budget") attached hereto as EXHIBIT B except that the expenditures may not vary from the Full Cost Development Budget by more than five percent (5%) for any one line item of the Full Cost Development Budget and the aggregate of all variations from the Cost Development Budget shall not exceed two percent (2%) of the total amount of the Full Cost Development Budget ("Permitted Variances"); PROVIDED, however that all Permitted Variances are approved by Owner prior the expenditures. It is expressly agreed that Developer shall have no right or authority to take any action which is not in substantial compliance with the Plans and Specifications set forth in (i) above or to make any expenditure or take any action which will result in the expenditure of amounts in excess of those set forth in the Full Cost Development Budget, subject to the Permitted Variances, described in (ii) above.
SERVICES TO BE. PERFORMED WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS. Subcustodian will, unless it receives Instructions from Custodian to the contrary:
SERVICES TO BE contributed to this project: Participate as a voting member of the Jefferson County Interagency Oversight Group (IOG). Train and mentor families to advocate for themselves and to participate in decision- making bodies for families as a whole.
SERVICES TO BE. Provided by the Subcustodian ------------------------------------------- The Services Subcustodian will provide to Custodian and the manner in which such services will be performed will be as set forth below in this Agreement.
SERVICES TO BE provided on a fixed-price basis If the Contract is made on a fixed-price basis, the Service Provider shall be entitled to be paid fees inclusive of all expenses. The AToR might request, for information purpose only, the Financial Proposal to include a detailed breakdown of the fees, based on the allocation of resources which the Service Providers expects to mobilise to perform the Assignment. Such breakdown shall be based on daily rates per category of staff which cannot exceed the contractual maxima set in the Offer for the FWA and shall provide an overview of the expenses the Services Provider expects to undergo while undertaking the Assignment. Such breakdown shall in no case be considered as a binding part of the Contract.
SERVICES TO BE. PERFORMED PTC Agrees to operate an automatic bill xxxment service wherein customers of BILLXX xxxll enroll for the automatic bill xxxment service by signing an enrollment card provided by BILLXX xxx mailing the enrollment card to an address determined by PTC that may be the same as BILLXX'x xxxkbox address, at PTC's discretion, together with a remittance stub or coupon that can be read optically provided by BILLXX xxx a personal check provided by the customer of BILLXX; xxd PTC shall cause payments to be made from the checking account of each enrolled customer of BILLXX xx each billing interval as determined by BILLXX; xxd these payments shall be in the amount due to BILLXX xxxm the customer, as determined by BILLXX; xxbject to the availability of timely, accurate, and complete billing information from BILLXX xxxivered to PTC. PTC further agrees to capture, combine and reformat BILLXX'x xxxtomer payment remittances ("ORIGINATIONS") which originate through consumer bill xxxment services. Such ORIGINATIONS shall be obtained by and entirely at PTC's sole discretion including but not limited to ORIGINATIONS obtained through PTC's financial services clients and ORIGINATIONS purchased through third party remittance processing services. PTC further agrees to provide electronic bill xxxsentment for BILLXX xxxtomers who are able to access the web site provided by PTC. PTC at PTC's sole discretion, shall offer BILLXX xxxsentment data to parties selected by PTC. The form and substance of said billxx xxxsentment data shall be at the sole discretion of BILLXX. XXC shall disclose any revenues or expenses derived from parties selected to receive presentment data, for presentment data, and shall negotiate with BILLXX xx good faith to modify prices in Exhibit A where appropriate.