Development Services Sample Clauses

Development Services. During the term of this Agreement, the Provider agrees to provide to or on behalf of the Port the professional services and related items described in Exhibit A (collectively, the “Development Services”) in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Provider specifically agrees to include at least one Port representative in any economic development negotiations or discussions in which the Provider is involved concerning (i) a port-related business prospect or (ii) a business transaction which will ultimately require Port involvement, financial or otherwise.
Development Services. (a) The Developer has heretofore performed, or caused to be performed, certain services relating to the acquisition and development of the Apartment Complex and shall continue to oversee the rehabilitation and development of the Apartment Complex, and shall perform the services and carry out the responsibilities with respect to the Apartment Complex as are set forth herein, and such additional duties and responsibilities as are reasonably within the general scope of such services and responsibilities and are designated from time to time by the General Partner.
Development Services. Licensee may from time to time wish to augment the RMSS product with additional functionality or utility, or to integrate it with Licensee systems from other sources, and for such purposes may request the provision of development services from RMSS.
Development Services. In consideration for the performance of the Development Services, Client shall pay to xxx rates as set forth in Attachment 2 Schedule of Work and Fees. In the event that xxxders services at Client's location, Client shall pay the reasonable travel, living and related expenses for personnel rendering services at Client's location. All services hereunder shall be rendered on a per-project basis; provided, however, that in the event that the parties agree that any services hereunder will be rendered on a time and materials basis with a budget not to be exceeded, all work will be billed at'x standard hourly rates, which may be revised from time to time by, xx its sole discretion, upon written notice to Client. For time and materials billing, amounts set forth in the applicable Schedule represent an estimate of the hours required to complete the work outlined in such Schedule; in the event that actual hours incurred to complete the work exceed
Development Services. Company hereby retains Axxxxxxx for the purpose of providing organizational and developmental services with respect to the Project (“Development Services”). Development Services shall include all services performed on behalf of the Company by Axxxxxxx to date and all services performed on behalf of and at the reasonable request of the Company through the termination of this Agreement. Axxxxxxx’x duties shall include, but not be limited to, assumption of responsibility for public relations, on-site development issues, and timely completion of the Project. Axxxxxxx shall apprise the Board of the status of the Project and of any material events, shall assist the Company’s Board in developing policies regarding construction of the Project, and shall perform his duties at the direction of the Board. Development Services shall not include effecting or attempting to effect purchases or sales of the Company’s securities.
Development Services. Licensee may, from time to time, request custom Software development services from Licensor. The Parties shall, using reasonable best efforts and in a timely manner, discuss the terms and conditions on which Licensor can provide the requested development services to Licensee. If, despite such reasonable best efforts, the Parties cannot agree on the terms and conditions under which Licensor provides such Software development services, then Licensor shall have no obligation to provide such Software development services.
Development Services. xxxll render Development Services in accordance with the requirements set forth in Schedules in the form of mutually agreed upon Project Management Plans that will be created for each Phase of application development. Each Schedule for new services shall be successively numbered (e.g., 1, 2, etc.). Each schedule shall be executed by the parties and shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. xxxll provide qualified and trained personnel to render such services and shall use reasonable commercial efforts to meet the delivery schedule set forth in the applicable Schedules. Any additions, deletions or other changes to a Schedule shall be mutually agreed to in writing in advance by both parties and shall be memorialized in a revised Schedule pursuant to the procedure get forth in Section 2.6 below for Change Orders. All services shall be performed at'x offices unless otherwise agreed by the parties. In the event that services are performed at Client's location, Client shall provide xx no charge with all necessary
Development Services. Digital Investor Platform Development Services will be based upon the elements mutually agreed to between Customer and DST, as set forth in the Initial Professional Service Schedule – Digital Investor Functions, and product specification documents. To assist with the development of the Digital Investor Platform, DST will be using standard components, functions, and business rules of Digital Investor Platform as a baseline for requirements and development. In some cases, excluding and/or removing functionality from the Digital Investor Platform standard components may be detrimental to the project from a cost or timeline perspective. As these functions are identified, they will be disclosed to Customer to determine whether the given functions should be included or excluded from scope with any impact to timeline or fee schedule. Scope of Professional Services Digital Investor Platform Professional Services are provided by DST and consists of implementation, configuration, consulting and other programming-related services (collectively “Professional Services”), as further described below, in connection with Customer’s use of the Digital Investor Web Site, FAN, and other DST products or systems. The new Digital Investor screens and workflows will be compatible with existing DST FAN API services for access to recordkeeping system data and processes. Professional Services will allow the screens to be built to current design, coding and mobile accessibility standards, and to provide an enhanced end-user experience. Customer’s Digital Investor web site will include all of the features and functionality listed in the Initial Professional Services Schedule, including the custom options listed. Wording and content changes on the site will be accommodated as reasonably requested by Customer in accordance with the platform requirements. For non-custom functions listed, Professional Services will develop the site per the production specifications for the Digital Investor Platform, incorporating Customer’s options, and styling and branding information. DST and Customer may at any time agree to additions, deletions or modifications to Customer’s web site design via a Change Order. Customer will be provided with an intake form to provide styling and branding information, such as high resolution logos, preferred fonts, colors, as well as disclaimer text, footer links, and other styling and customization data. Customer agrees to return the completed intake form within five (...
Development Services. 3.1 The Parties may agree that GSK shall perform certain development work in connection with:
Development Services. 4.1 The Developer shall provide the Development Services to the Customer.