Educational Training Sample Clauses

Educational Training. Employees interested in professional training shall submit written requests through their immediate supervisor. The supervisor shall review such requests with recommendations to the department head. The department head shall make a determination as to whether the training is necessary and/or job related. Funding for the training shall be from available funds within the budget, or if necessary, through approved budget adjustments. Training which is denied under this section may be submitted under Article X Educational Reimbursement.
Educational Training. At such time as the Oregon State Board of Nursing adopts mandatory educational requirements for license maintenance, the County and the Association will negotiate this Article. During these negotiations, Article XXIV shall not apply.
Educational Training. OHRP strongly recommends that the Institution and the designated IRB(s)/IEC(s) establish educational training and oversight mechanisms (appropriate to the nature and volume of its research) to ensure that research investigators, IRB/IEC members and staff, and other appropriate personnel maintain continuing knowledge of, and comply with the following: relevant ethical principles; relevant U.S. regulations; written IRB/IEC procedures; OHRP guidance; other applicable guidance; national, state and local laws; and institutional policies for the protection of human subjects. Furthermore, OHRP recommends that a) IRB/IEC members and staff complete relevant educational training before reviewing human subjects research; and
Educational Training. 13.01 A one-time lump sum payment of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) will be given for each fifty (50) hours of job-related class work completed. The Director of Operations and employee must agree beforehand whether the additional training is job-related. Conference schedules, courses, grades, etc., must be presented as evidence of work completed. Workshops will not be considered if less than three (3) days in duration. One (1) payment of this type may be earned in a four (4) year period. Work completed must have been accomplished after July 1, 1979.
Educational Training. 17.01 Employees requested by Council to participate in a training program which shall be of benefit to the municipality, shall have their tuition costs paid by the Municipality upon enrolment, subject to the condition that if the course is not successfully completed, the employee will be required to reimburse the Municipality for the full amount of tuition costs paid.
Educational Training. The Employer, at its expense will arrange for a sufficient number of courses, classes or other educational training opportunities in the facility to allow employees to meet their mandatory continuing education requirements. Such courses or educational opportunities shall be at regular paid time for employees.
Educational Training. (a) Employees shall be reimbursed by the Company for tuition and other course costs when taking educational training relating to their current employment, or equipping themselves for job progression and advancement and under the safety and First Aid Attendants' program.
Educational Training 

Related to Educational Training

  • Employee Training The Provider shall provide periodic security training to those of its employees who operate or have access to the system. Further, Provider shall provide LEA with contact information of an employee who LEA may contact if there are any security concerns or questions.

  • Training a. The employer, in consultation with the local, shall be responsible for developing and implementing an ongoing harassment and sexual harassment awareness program for all employees. Where a program currently exists and meets the criteria listed in this agreement, such a program shall be deemed to satisfy the provisions of this article. This awareness program shall initially be for all employees and shall be scheduled at least once annually for all new employees to attend.