Ongoing Support definition

Ongoing Support means the Program Services a Participant may receive while they are in Employment, Unsubsidised Self-Employment, an Apprenticeship or a Traineeship after a 26-week Employment Outcome or Work Assist Outcome and until they move into Work Based Personal Assistance Only or Exit and is provided in the form of a Level of Ongoing Support. ‘Ongoing Support Assessment’ or ‘OSA’ means an Assessment by an Ongoing Support Assessor as to a Participant’s need for Ongoing Support. ‘Ongoing Support Assessor’ means a person, organisation or Commonwealth agency, contracted by the Commonwealth to conduct an OSA.
Ongoing Support means the Program Services a Participant may receive while they are in Employment, Unsubsidised Self‐Employment, an Apprenticeship or a Traineeship after a 26 Week Employment Outcome or Job in Jeopardy Outcome and until they Exit in accordance with the Disability Employment Services Agreement and any Guidelines.
Ongoing Support means the Programme Services a Participant may receive while they are in Employment, Unsubsidised Self-Employment, an Apprenticeship or a Traineeship after a 26 Week Employment Outcome or Job in Jeopardy Outcome and until they move into Work Based Personal Assistance Only or Exit and is provided in the form of a Level of Ongoing Support.

Examples of Ongoing Support in a sentence

  • The following can be used as a guide to assist providers to assess the appropriate level of Ongoing Support.

  • Ongoing Support is not available to Participants who achieve an Education Outcome.

  • It is also not appropriate to provide a level of Ongoing Support that is not sustainable and is likely would not be sustainable by another DES Provider upon transfer.

  • An OSA will include a recommendation that either no Ongoing Support is required, or that Ongoing Support is required at a Flexible, Moderate or High level.

  • The Provider cannot move the Participant into Ongoing Support until the OSA has a recommendation for a Level of Ongoing Support.

  • This information is used to determine the Ongoing Support needs of the Participant.

  • Members of the NPA support DES by providing independent assessments for the Ongoing Support element of DES, the Supported Wage System and workplace modification assessments for the Employment Assistance Fund.

  • If no Ongoing Support is required, the Participant should be Exited as an Independent Worker with the reasons entered into the Department’s IT Systems.

  • Disability Employment National Panel of Assessors Program Grant Agreement Clause Reference: Clause 75.1 (a) At the interview with the DES provider, the Ongoing Support Assessor should refer to Appendix A and discuss the checklist at Appendix B so that it may be documented in the OSA report.

  • If within 28 days of report completion, additional information becomes available that is likely to change the OSA report recommendation, this information should be provided to the Ongoing Support Assessor who completed the OSA report.

More Definitions of Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support shall have the meaning set forth in Attachment A to this Exhibit B.
Ongoing Support. Repair and maintenance shall be the responsibility of the SELLER unless replacement is necessary as deemed by BUYER and SELLER at which time BUYER shall provide a purchase order for replacement of the fixture. Changes to the design causing said tooling to change shall be the responsibility of the BUYER. Purchase Agreement #10152 Rev. A June 1, 1998 6 PURCHASE AGREEMENT #10152
Ongoing Support means all-inclusive technical support related to the proposed product(s) functionality including, but not limited to, software maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting, and the resolution of functional deficiencies that do not conform to the agreed upon service levels within a resulting contract.
Ongoing Support means the support services referred to in clause 2.1(b);
Ongoing Support has the meaning set out in section 1 of Schedule B.

Related to Ongoing Support

  • qualifying support means income support to which that person is entitled by virtue of paragraph 14B of Schedule 1B to the Income Support (General) Regulations 1987; and

  • SAP Support means SAP's then current support offering made available to Customer, as stated in the Order Form.

  • Helpdesk Support means the 24x7x365 centre which shall handle Fault reporting, Trouble Ticketing and related enquiries during this contract.

  • Cloud BPO Support means the then-current technical support services SAP provides to Provider for the SAP Cloud Services as described in the Cloud BPO Schedule.

  • First Level Support means any support relating to calls from Customer’s customers, end users or affiliates or general resolution of user errors, network errors, provisioning errors or Internet delays or malfunctions.

  • Restructuring Support Agreement means that certain Restructuring Support Agreement, dated as of July 8, 2020, by and among the Debtors, the Sponsors, the Consenting Lenders, and the Consenting Hedge Provider including all exhibits and attachments thereto, and as amended, restated, and supplemented from time to time in accordance with its terms.

  • Tier 2 Support means the Esri Technical Support provided to the Tier 1 Help Desk when a Case cannot be resolved through Tier 1 Support.

  • Level 1 Support means qualifying and logging all Technical Support Incidents, answering technical inquiries via telephone support and email regarding the Work and performing limited diagnostic services.

  • Tier 1 Support means the Technical Support provided by the Tier 1 Help Desk.

  • Level 2 Support means, with the use of technical support specialists: (i) performing Defect isolation, Defect replication and interoperability testing; (ii) performing remote diagnostic services and on-site troubleshooting, if required; (iii) identifying the source of Defects; (iv) developing a reproducible test case for any Defect and documenting the details of such Defect for escalation to Level 3 Support; and (v) developing and implementing Workarounds where reasonably possible.

  • Technical Support means the technical assistance for attempting resolution of a reported Case through error correction, patches, hot fixes, workarounds, replacement deliveries, or any other type of Product corrections or modifications.

  • Technical Support Services means the remote telephonic support provided by Seller on a standard and centralized basis concerning the Products, including diagnostic services and troubleshooting to assist Customer in ascertaining the nature of a problem being experienced by the Customer, minor assistance concerning the use of the Software (including advising or assisting the Customer in attempting data/database recovery, database set up, client-server advice), and assistance or advice on installation of Releases provided under this Agreement.

  • Services Term means the period during which you are entitled by Red Hat to use, receive access or consume a particular Red Hat Product pursuant to an Order Form or Business Partner order.

  • Services Period refers to the period of time for which You have ordered Cloud Services as specified in Your order.

  • Child support services means any civil, criminal or administrative action taken by the Division of

  • Online Services Terms means the additional terms that apply to Customer’s use of Online Services published on the Licensing Site and updated from time to time.

  • Transition Services Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 3.02(a)(iv).

  • Statement of Work means the description of activities performed in completing the Project, as specified in the Contract and as may be amended.

  • Termination Assistance Services has the meaning set forth in Section 18.12.

  • Family support services means providing opportunities for

  • Support Services means support in relation to the use of, and the identification and resolution of errors in, the Hosted Services, but shall not include the provision of training services;

  • Service Level Agreement or SLA means the processes, deliverables, key performance indicators and performance standards relating to the Services to be provided by the Service Provider;

  • Supportive services means services provided by the service provider to help residents enhance their way of living and achieve self-sufficiency. Supportive Services may be provided directly by the Owner or through coordination with existing service agencies and may be delivered through a combination of both on- and off- site service delivery mechanisms, with the provision that an on-site service coordination capacity must be maintained. For the purposes of scoring, ADOH may determine that certain Supportive Services must be offered on-site to obtain points in a particular Project scoring category.

  • Distribution Services means services related to the distribution of electricity and the services the Board has required distributors to carry out, including the sales of electricity to consumers under section 29 of the Act, for which a charge or rate has been established in the Rate Order;

  • Implementation Services means the functions and services necessary to accomplish the transfer and implementation of the Designated Services to BNY Mellon, except (a) those functions and services identified in the Agreement as Voya’s (or Voya’s agents) responsibility and (b) any functions or responsibilities not specifically described in the Agreement as a Voya (or Voya agent) responsibility, but which are inherently required or necessary to be performed by Voya (or the Voya agent) for the proper performance of the Implementation Services.

  • Final Term Sheet means the term sheet prepared pursuant to Section 4(a) of this Agreement and substantially in the form attached in Schedule III hereto;