Of County Sample Clauses

Of County. County represents and warrants to Project Manager that: (i) County is a public body corporate and politic, duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the State of Texas, is qualified to transact business in the State of Texas, and has the full and complete right, power and authority to enter into this Agreement and perform County’s duties and obligations under this Agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement; and (ii) County is the true and lawful County of the Project.
Of County. County represents and warrants as of the date it executes this Agreement, 29 under Exhibit 2.02. 30 31 32 ARTICLE 3 TERM OF AGREEMENT 33 34 3.01 Term

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  • Proof of Insurance Insurance Certificate:

  • Income Protection Insurance The Employer shall provide Income Protection Insurance through an ETU nominated policy and scheme. It is agreed that the premium will be collected and administered by the “Protect” Severance Scheme at the same time as severance payments are made. Income protection will be paid for the employees and will be paid for all periods of authorised absence and cannot be on a pro-rata basis. It is agreed the Income Protection Insurance payments are paid on a monthly basis by the 14th day of each month. It is agreed that if the Employer has not made a valid or current insurance payment to “Protect”, the Employer shall be liable for any loss of earnings or benefits that would have otherwise been given to the employee. The rates of payment and cover shall be as follows: From 1/1/06 to 28/2/07* From 1/3/07 to 31/12/08* From 1/1/09* Tradesperson’s Premium $19.70 per week $20.90 per week $24.00 per week** For Cover $1,100 $1,100 $1,200** Apprentice Premium $12.50 per week $13.50 per week $19.90 per week** For Cover $660 $660 $750** * These rates are inclusive of GST and stamp duty. ** These are the premium rates and levels of cover that shall apply, unless reduced by the agreement of NECA and the ETU. It is the intention of NECA and the ETU to seek a lower premium. The premium rates and level of cover shall not exceed the amounts set out in the final column of the table above. The insurance benefits contained in this Policy will not be reduced during the life of this Agreement.

  • INSURANCE PROTECTION Insurance protection for employees travelling on work related business is provided in accordance with the DHB’s insurance policy. The provisions of the insurance policy are available through the Human Resources department.

  • SCHOOL ACT APPEALS 1. Where a pupil and/or parent/guardian files an appeal under the School Act (Section 11) and Board By-law of a decision of an employee covered by this Agreement, or in connection with or affecting such an employee:

  • Emergency Escalation initiated by Registrars Registry Operator will maintain an emergency operations department prepared to handle emergency requests from registrars. In the event that a registrar is unable to conduct EPP transactions with the registry for the TLD because of a fault with the Registry Service and is unable to either contact (through ICANN mandated methods of communication) the Registry Operator, or the Registry Operator is unable or unwilling to address the fault, the registrar may initiate an emergency escalation to the emergency operations department of ICANN. ICANN then may initiate an emergency escalation with the Registry Operator as explained above.

  • Term of Protection Initial registration, and each renewal of registration, of a trademark shall be for a term of no less than seven years. The registration of a trademark shall be renewable indefinitely.

  • System Protection To prevent compromise of systems which contain DSHS Data or through which that Data passes:

  • Proof of Carriage of Insurance The Consultant shall not commence performing any portion of the Services until all required insurance has been obtained and certificates indicating the required coverage have been delivered in duplicate to the District and approved by the District. Certificates and insurance policies shall include the following:

  • Health and Hospitalization Insurance Family Coverage: The School District shall contribute a sum not to exceed $586.00 per month toward the premium for family coverage for each full-time employee employed by the School District who qualifies for and is enrolled in family coverage in the School District’s group health and hospitalization insurance plan. Any additional cost of the premium shall be borne by the employee and paid by payroll deduction.

  • Requirements for Protection In compliance with NPCC requirements and Good Utility Practice, Developer shall provide, install, own, and maintain relays, circuit breakers and all other devices necessary to remove any fault contribution of the Large Generating Facility to any short circuit occurring on the New York State Transmission System not otherwise isolated by Connecting Transmission Owner’s equipment, such that the removal of the fault contribution shall be coordinated with the protective requirements of the New York State Transmission System. Such protective equipment shall include, without limitation, a disconnecting device or switch with load- interrupting capability located between the Large Generating Facility and the New York State Transmission System at a site selected upon mutual agreement (not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed) of the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner. Developer shall be responsible for protection of the Large Generating Facility and Developer’s other equipment from such conditions as negative sequence currents, over- or under-frequency, sudden load rejection, over- or under-voltage, and generator loss-of-field. Developer shall be solely responsible to disconnect the Large Generating Facility and Developer’s other equipment if conditions on the New York State Transmission System could adversely affect the Large Generating Facility.