MAINTENANCE OF THE. REGISTER The Registrar shall maintain the Register in relation to the Notes, which shall be kept at its Specified Office and be made available by the Registrar to the Issuer, the Note Trustee and the other Agents for inspection and for the taking of copies or extracts therefrom at all reasonable times. The Register shall show the aggregate principal amount, serial numbers and dates of issue of each Note Certificate, the names and addresses of the initial holders thereof and the dates of all transfers to, and the names and addresses of, all subsequent holders thereof, all cancellations of Note Certificates and all replacements of Note Certificates.
MAINTENANCE OF THE. LESSEE 7.1 The LESSEE during the term hereof, binds itself to render to the Real Estate whatever maintenance is required and to make the corresponding repairs, so as to keep the Real Estate in its normal state of conservation, excluding its normal wear and tear but including the adequate waterproofing of the roofs. 7.2. For the purpose of carrying out repairs or maintenance work referred in the foregoing paragraph on the Real Estate, when the LESSEE is to carry out any important maintenance work, the LESSEE must previously notify the LESSOR in writing, informing LESSOR of W # - t the need to carry out such work and the characteristics thereof, so that LESSOR approves such work which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. SECTION 8
MAINTENANCE OF THE. LIMITED WARRANTY: Once initiated, the continuation and validity of both of the foregoing limited warranty shall immediately be null and void upon the occurrence of any the following conditions, regardless of whether or not such conditions result from or are occasioned by the negligence or fault of any party other than Customer:
MAINTENANCE OF THE. LESSEE agrees to maintain the leased premises in PREMISES the same condition as they are at the commencement of the term or as they may be put in during the term of this lease, reasonable wear and tear, damage by fire and other casualty only excepted, and whenever necessary, to replace plate glass and other glass therein, acknowledging that the leased premises are now in good order and the glass whole. The LESSEE shall not permit the leased premises to be overloaded, damaged, stripped or defaced, nor suffer any waste. LESSEE shall obtain written consent of LESSOR, not to be unreasonably withheld, before erecting any sign on the premises. However, the LESSOR is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the building, including all common areas, the roof, exterior walls, parking areas, and all heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, utility, electric and mechanical systems in good condition.
MAINTENANCE OF THE. Common Area ------------------------------
MAINTENANCE OF THE. Seniority List The Employer shall maintain one (1) seniority list for employees showing the date upon which employees’ service commenced. Where two (2) or more employees commenced work on the same day, preference shall be in accordance with alphabetical order. Casual employees do not accumulate seniority. (b)
MAINTENANCE OF THE. Job Evaluation Plan‌ All Bargaining Unit positions will be evaluated by the CUPE gender-neutral job evaluation plan. A review of all positions will be done every four (4) years to determine if any positions require re-evaluation. If there have been substantive changes to a position, staff can request re-evaluation at this time. Staff can also request job reclassification at any point within the four (4) year timeframe if there have been substantive changes to the job description.
MAINTENANCE OF THE. Tooling The Supplier undertakes to use and handle the Tooling with due care and to properly store, maintain and repair the Tooling at its own expense until the end of the service life defined by the Tooling manufacturer. This includes all and any repairs and replacement necessitated by wear and tear. The Supplier will ensure that, throughout its lifetime, the Tooling produces the optimal quantity and quality of Products excluding scrap. The Supplier undertakes to insure the Tooling against fire damage, theft, damage caused by natural forces and mains water damage. WABCO is entitled to inspect the Tooling at any time at the Supplier’s premises. Any modification or scrapping of Tooling is subject to prior consultation with WABCO and the prior consent of WABCO. 4. Manutenção do Ferramental O Fornecedor compromete-se a utilizar e manusear o Ferramental com a devida cautela e a armazenar, manter e reparar adequadamente o Ferramental, às suas expensas, até o final da vida útil definida pelo fabricante do Ferramental. Isto inclui todos e quaisquer reparos e substituições necessárias pelo desgaste. O Fornecedor assegurará que, durante toda a sua vida útil, o Ferramental produza a quantidade e qualidade ótima de Produtos, excluindo sobras. O Fornecedor compromete-se a segurar o Ferramental contra dano por incêndio, furto, dano causado por forças naturais e danos causados por água do encanamento. A WABCO tem o direito de inspecionar o Ferramental em qualquer ocasião nas instalações do Fornecedor. Qualquer modificação ou inutilização de Ferramental está sujeita a consulta prévia com a WABCO e consentimento prévio desta.