OTHER MINERALS. 21.1 When any mineral (other than Petroleum and minerals necessary for the generation of nuclear energy) is discovered by Operator and THE PRESIDENT does not have a pre- existing policy for development and exploitation of such mineral by a non-Pakistani company, the Operator can elect within six (6) Months after the date on which Operator notifies the Director General Petroleum Concessions of such discovery, to develop and exploit such mineral subject to reaching an accord with the appropriate licencing authority as to the terms and conditions of an agreement governing the development and exploitation of such mineral.
OTHER MINERALS. The Payor shall pay the Royalty for each shipment of Other Minerals by delivery of a cheque or draft payable to Franco's account with a bank to be designated in writing by Franco.
OTHER MINERALS. 22.1 Contractor shall promptly report to the DGPC the Discovery of any potentially producible minerals. Contractor shall also promptly report to the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and the DGPC the Discovery of any minerals necessary for the generation of nuclear energy. Nothing in this Agreement entitles the Contractor to develop or exploit such minerals.
OTHER MINERALS. The average monthly price for Minerals other than silver and copper shall be calculated by dividing the sum of all of the daily spot prices for the final refined product of such Minerals reported for the month by Pxxxx’x Metals Week, by the number of days during that month for which such prices were reported.
OTHER MINERALS. Except for the limitation with respect to resource sustainability to Section 2.2 above, nothing in this Agreement restricts or encumbers the right of CalEnergy with respect to the development of Minerals Facilities in connection with the Existing Facilities or future Power Plants or the Zinc Recovery Project. El Paso and the Company expressly acknowledge that except as expressly provided in connection with the option provided with respect to a Combined Facility set forth in Section 2.2 above, neither El Paso nor the Company have any right or interest to participate in any Mineral Facilities or receive any payment with respect thereto. It is further expressly acknowledged that neither the Company nor El Paso has any right or interest to participate or receive any payment with respect to the Excluded Assets (as defined in the Purchase Agreement) and any expansions or modifications thereof.
OTHER MINERALS. 17.1 LESSOR does hereby demise and lease unto LESSEE all clay, shale and/or limestone on, in, under or within the Property, together with the exclusive right to mine, remove and sell same. For all clay, shale or limestone so mined, removed and sold from the Property, LESSEE shall pay LESSOR the sum of ten cents ($0.10) per ton (of 2,000 pounds). All of the rights hereinabove granted to LESSEE with respect to mining, removing and selling coal, and all such rights which may be vested in LESSEE by operation of law, shall apply, as far as practical, to the mining, removing and selling of clay, shale and/or limestone.
OTHER MINERALS. (9) Subject to the provisions of Clause 20, the Joint Venturers shall pay to the State in respect of all minerals other than diamonds produced or obtained from the areas the subject of this Agreement royalties at the rates from time to time prescribed under or pursuant to the Mining Xxx 0000 or the Mining Xxx 0000 as the case may be. Valuation and auditing procedures
OTHER MINERALS. If the Concessionaire or any other Person discovers Minerals other than Iron Ore within the Concession Area, the Concessionaire shall be given the right of first refusal to undertake Exploration, and, as appropriate, Development and Mining with respect to such other Minerals in accordance with applicable Law (including Section 6.7(c) of the Mining Law).
OTHER MINERALS. The market value of payable minerals, other than copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver, that are mined and removed from the Property shall be established by using the average of market value indicators, comparable to those indicators described in clauses (1) through (3) above, for such other minerals for the month in which such other minerals are removed from the Property. . In the event that at the time of further processing or sale (as the case may be) any of the market indicators designated in clauses (1) through (4) above are no longer being published, are not in use in the market place, or are not representative of commercially justified prices, the parties in good faith shall select and establish new market indicators that are representative of commercially justified prices
OTHER MINERALS. 9.1 The Contractor shall promptly report to the Government Representative the presence of potentially commercial accumulations of minerals, including Crude Oil and Natural Gas other than CBM Gas which are not associated with CBM but are encountered and recognized by the Contractor while conducting CBM Operations within the Contract Area. Such minerals, Crude Oil and Natural Gas shall remain the property of Mongolia.