Laid out definition

Laid out means any formal act or process by which a municipality determines the location of a highway.

Examples of Laid out in a sentence

  • Laid out below are rules with which Faculty are required to comply.

  • The Council’s policy for footage release takes into account one’s rights as laid out in the Data Protection Act 1998 (namely requests for information under Section 7, the Data Subject Access legislation) Laid out below is information regarding requests that fall into this category.

  • Laid out, our networks would stretch several times around the circumference of the Earth.

  • Laid out in a dazzling geometric design of diagonal oak slats, the floor produced an ephemeral optical illusion—a multi- dimensional network that gave visitors the sense they were floating through the gallery on a surface that changed with every step.As Langdon's gaze began to trace the inlay, his eyes stopped short on an unexpected object lying on the floor just a few yards to his left, surrounded by police tape.

  • Laid out in a regular and uniform pattern with long dimensions vertical and joints aligned.

  • Founded by the Auckland City Council, the OCM was housed alongside the Public Library and Art Gallery in their shared Kitchener Street premises.67 Laid out in two large upstairs rooms, the collection consisted primarily of historical documents, photographs, pictures, early maps, and artefacts associated with life in the Auckland Province in its early years.

  • Laid out in a parallelogram, the park extended from the southwest to the northeast with the upper end reaching to the north to include the mountainous habitat of sheep and caribou around Toklat and Teklanika drainages.Boundaries excluded Kantishna mining district and the forested moose country to the northwest where miners wintered and hunted (Brown 1991).

  • Laid out in such a way as to maximize potential use of passive solar energy design techniques, as defined in the Connecticut General Statutes, to the extent practicable.

  • Taking Hector’s corpse into his own hands Achilles Made sure it was washed and, for the old king’s sake, Laid out in uniform, ready for Priam to carry Wrapped like a present home to Troy at daybreak.

  • Laid out sequentially in written form, they are better viewed as interconnected.

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  • Total tetrahydrocannabinol means the sum of the percentage by weight of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid multiplied by eight hundred seventy-seven thousandths plus the percentage of weight of tetrahydrocannabinol.

  • Cannabinoid concentrate means a substance obtained by separating cannabinoids from marijuana by:

  • MGD means million gallons per day. "mg/l" means milligrams per liter. "ug/l" means micrograms per liter. "ng/l" means nanograms per liter. "S.U." means standard pH unit. "kg/day" means kilograms per day.

  • Gasohol means a blended fuel composed of gasoline and fuel grade ethanol.

  • Unsaturated zone or "zone of aeration" means the zone between the land surface and the water table.

  • Cathode ray tube or “CRT” means a vacuum tube, composed primarily of glass, which is the visual or video display component of an electronic device. A “used, intact CRT” means a CRT whose vacuum has not been released. A “used, broken CRT” means glass removed from its housing or casing whose vacuum has been released.

  • Drug outlet means a pharmacy, nursing home, shelter home, convalescent home, extended care facility, drug abuse treatment center, penal institution, hospital, family planning clinic, student health center, retail store, wholesaler, manufacturer, mail-order vendor or other establishment with facilities located within or out of this state that is engaged in dispensing, delivery or distribution of drugs within this state.

  • Cannabinoid edible means food or potable liquid into which a cannabinoid concentrate, cannabinoid extract or dried marijuana leaves or flowers have been incorporated.

  • Hydrozone means a portion of the landscaped area having plants with similar water needs. A hydrozone may be irrigated or non-irrigated.

  • plant variety means any plant grouping within a single botanical taxon of the lowest known rank, which grouping, irrespective of whether the conditions for the grant of a plant variety right are fully met, can be:

  • Suction outlet means the opening or fitting through which the water under negative pressure is drawn from the pool or spa.

  • Dropout means a school-age student who is served by a public school district and enrolled in any of grades seven through twelve and who does not attend school or withdraws from school for a reason other than death or transfer to another approved school or school district or has been expelled with no option to return.

  • Hydraulic fracturing means the fracturing of underground rock formations, including shale and non-shale formations, by manmade fluid-driven techniques for the purpose of stimulating oil, natural gas, or other subsurface hydrocarbon production.

  • Injection Point means the Electric Interconnection Point.

  • Intermittent stream means a well-defined channel that contains water for only part of the year, typically during winter and spring when the aquatic bed is below the water table. The flow may be heavily supplemented by stormwater runoff. An intermittent stream often lacks the biological and hydrological characteristics commonly associated with the continuous conveyance of water.

  • Dusting aid means a product designed or labeled to assist in removing dust and other soils from floors and other surfaces without leaving a wax or silicone based coating. “Dusting Aid” does not include “Pressurized Gas Duster.”

  • Specified anatomical areas means and includes:

  • manoeuvring area means that part of an aerodrome to be used for the take-off, landing and taxiing of aircraft, excluding aprons;

  • Stranded cost means the amount by which the net cost of an

  • Cream means cream obtained directly and exclusively from milk.

  • Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from conception until the time of birth.

  • Infiltration means water other than wastewater that enters a sewer system (including sewer system and foundation drains) from the ground through such means as defective pipes, pipe joints, connections, or manholes. Infiltration does not include, and is distinguished from, inflow.

  • Overflow means the intentional or unintentional diversion of flow from the collection and transport systems, including pumping facilities.

  • Angling means fishing with not more than two hand lines, not more than two units of rod and line, or a combination of not more than one hand line and one rod and line, either in hand or under control at any time while fishing. The hand line or rod and line shall have attached to it not more than three baited hooks, or not more than three artificial fly rod lures, or one artificial bait casting lure equipped with not more than three sets of three hooks each.

  • Peak tube potential means the maximum value of the potential difference across the x-ray tube during an exposure.

  • Pistol means any firearm with a barrel less than sixteen inches in length, or is designed to be held and fired by the use of a single hand.