Technical Services definition

Technical Services means all services that are necessary to carry out individual, scattered site activities including but not limited to: (1) conducting initial inspections, (2) work write-up or project specification development, (3) cost estimate preparation, (4) construction supervision associated with activities that do not require an architect or engineer, (5) lead hazard reduction or lead abatement need determination and oversight, (6) lead hazard reduction or abatement carrying costs, (7) temporary relocation coordination, (8) financing costs such as security agreement preparation and recording or filing fees, (9) processing of individual applications for assistance, (10) income eligibility determination and verification, (11) value determination (new construction) or after rehabilitation value determination (existing structures), and (12) project-specific environmental clearance processes.
Technical Services means services which are tendered and contracted on the basis of performance of a measurable physical output such as drilling, mapping, aerial photography, surveys, seismic investigations, maintenance and/or construction of facilities or plant and similar operations;
Technical Services means the Technical Vessel Management Services, the Commercial Services, the Crew Management Services, the procurement of insurance as described in Section 3.4, the dry-docking and repair services described in Section 3.5 and the regulatory compliance services described in Section 3.6.

Examples of Technical Services in a sentence

  • Information technology consulting services; Internet data services; Research and development of Internet of Things technology; Software development; Computer system services; Network and information security software development; Technical services, technology development, technical consultation, technology exchange, technology transfer, and promotion of technology.

More Definitions of Technical Services

Technical Services means services for carrying out cadastre surveying, orthophoto mapping, development of information technology systems and other services to be contracted under the Project on the basis of performance of measurable physical outputs;
Technical Services has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 3.
Technical Services means services providing specific engineering, geoscience, or other professional skills, such as those performed by engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and technicians, required to handle specific operating conditions and problems for the benefit of Joint Operations; provided, however, Technical Services shall not include those functions specifically identified as overhead under the second paragraph of the introduction of Section III (Overhead). Technical Services may be provided by the Operator, Operator’s Affiliate, Non-Operators, Non-Operators’ Affiliates, and/or third parties.
Technical Services means the consulting, configuration or other professional services provided to You under an Order Form or Statement of Work.
Technical Services means installation, implementation, data migration or other services provided by Proofpoint to Customer.
Technical Services has the meaning given such term in Section 1.1.
Technical Services means any training, enablement or other technical services provided by StreamSets related to the Service, as identified in an Order.