Definition of Technical Services

Technical Services means the Technical Vessel Management Services, the Commercial Services, the Crew Management Services, the procurement of insurance as described in Section 3.4, the dry-docking and repair services described in Section 3.5 and the regulatory compliance services described in Section 3.6.

Technical Services means professional services provided by CSG.

Examples of Technical Services in a sentence

Owner and Contractor acknowledge that during the course of, and as a result of, the performance of the Work, Contractor or its Subcontractors or Sub-subcontractors will create for this Project and will deliver to Owner, certain written materials, plans, Drawings (including P&IDs), Specifications, or other tangible results of performance of the Work under this Agreement or performance of work under the Technical Services Agreement (hereinafter individually or collectively referred to as Work Product).
Without limitation, this Agreement supersedes in its entirety the Technical Services Agreement and any other agreements between the Parties related to the Project.
Subject to Section 9.2, the Manager shall, at its own expense, provide to the Company the services described in this Section 3 (collectively, the Technical Services).
Amended Technical Services Agreement means the First Amended and Restated Technical Services Agreement between Owner and Contractor, dated as of the Contract Date and any amendments thereto.
The "Technical Services Agreement" shall mean the technical services agreement that executed on March 30, 1999 between the Company and Williams International Services Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Williams International Company, under which Williams agreed to provide for technical services to the Company on the terms and conditions specified therein.