Technical Services definition

Examples of Technical Services in a sentence

  • Manufacturer's Technical Services: Where indicated, engage a manufacturer's technical representative to observe and inspect the Work.

  • Deviation shall be allowed subject to recommendation of Technical Services department, if the varying value shall exceed 5% of Contract value only.

  • Arrangements to deliver software products generally have three elements: license, implementation and Annual Technical Services (ATS).

  • If any applicable criteria are not achieved for a given test strip, the engineer, with authorization from the department’s Bureau of Technical Services, will direct an additional test strip (or alternate plan approved by the department) be conducted to prove the criteria can be met prior to additional paving of that mix.

  • The District’s Technical Services Division conducted the required analysis.

More Definitions of Technical Services

Technical Services has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 3.
Technical Services means services providing specific engineering, geoscience, or other professional skills, such as those performed by engineers, geologists, geophysicists, and technicians, required to handle specific operating conditions and problems for the benefit of Joint Operations; provided, however, Technical Services shall not include those functions specifically identified as overhead under the second paragraph of the introduction of Section III (Overhead). Technical Services may be provided by the Operator, Operator’s Affiliate, Non-Operators, Non-Operators’ Affiliates, and/or third parties.
Technical Services means services for carrying out cadastre surveying, orthophoto mapping, development of information technology systems and other services to be contracted under the Project on the basis of performance of measurable physical outputs;
Technical Services means installation, implementation, data migration or other services provided by Proofpoint to Customer.
Technical Services means the order fulfilment, turnkey, repack and qualitychecking services or other such similar service provided by Masterlink;
Technical Services means any training, enablement or other technical services provided by StreamSets related to the Service, as identified in an Order.
Technical Services means technical equipment for the heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water or lighting (or any combination thereof) of a building; and