Leased Land Sample Clauses

Leased Land. The term "leased land" means the real ----------- property demised hereby, but exclusive of any and all improvements situated upon the Premises at the commencement of the Lease term and also exclusive of all improvements constructed or placed thereon by or under Developer and exclusive of any grading and other site work performed by or under Developer.
Leased Land. Landlord, for and in consideration of the rents, covenants and conditions hereinafter specified to be paid, performed and observed by Tenant, hereby leases to Tenant and Tenant hereby leases from Landlord, a parcel of land containing approximately 16,480 square feet, situated at in the Bethel Recording District, Fourth Judicial District, State of Alaska, more particularly described as: Block 2, Tract D, Turnkey III Housing Development, Bethel Recording District, Fourth Judicial District, Bethel, Alaska, as shown in Book 17, pages 13-16 as Recorded April 11, 1969. together will all rights, easements, privileges, both subterranean and vertical, and appurtenances attaching or belonging to the described land, but subject to the reservation contained in paragraph 1.02 and the Covenants contained in Article 4 hereof (herein called the "Leased Premises").
Leased Land. In consideration of the rents, covenants, promises and agreements contained in this Lease Agreement on the part of the Tenant to be paid, observed and performed, the Landlord does hereby lease to the Tenant the farm lands and premises as described in Schedule A, together with the following portable buildings, namely: ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ DEMISE AND TERM, AS IS BASIS The term of this Lease shall be _________ year(s), commencing on the __________ day of _________________ 20____, and ending on the __________ day of _________________, 20 ____. The Tenant accepts the Leased Lands on an As Is and Where Is basis and any Alterations and Improvements made, erected or installed during the Term, with the Landlord’s prior written approval, shall be at the risk, cost and expense of the Tenant and to the entire satisfaction of the Landlord. ANNUAL RENTALS The Tenant must pay annual rent (the “Rent”) for the Lease to the Landlord in the amount of $___________: to be paid in full on or before ______________ for each year of this Lease to be paid (1/2, 1/3 etc) on or before _____________ for each year of this Lease All Rent is payable to the Landlord at its address shown above, and outlined in Schedule B. TAXES Unless otherwise agreed upon, all Taxes on the Leased Land shall be paid by the Landlord. PAYMENT FROM GOVERNMENT AGENCY In the event that any payment, subsidy or other reimbursement is made under any government agency, or any marketing agency in connection with grain production on the said Leased Land during the Term of this Lease, the payments identified with the Leased Land shall be paid to the Tenant unless otherwise agreed upon.
Leased Land. Project Land shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Recitals. xxx. Lease Period shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Article 2.2.
Leased Land. In the event any land acquired by Funding Recipient is subject to a lease or leases, Funding Recipient shall ensure that any such leases are identified in the Project Real Estate Plan, including arrangements that address what happens to such lease interests upon acquisition of title by the State. All proposed lease agreements must be approved by the State prior to negotiation and execution by the Funding Recipient. State must be given notice of all proposed modifications to lease agreements and must approve such modifications in writing before they are effective. Sample guidelines for lease agreements will be provided upon request. In any event, all net proceeds received by Funding Recipient from any such lease agreement shall be applied as a credit to the State on Statements of Costs submitted pursuant to Paragraph 15 of the Funding Agreement. Lease Credits need to be reported in the Quarterly Progress Reports. No land necessary for construction of the funded improvements shall be subject to a lease when conveyed to the State without the express written consent of the State. Any other land acquired by the Funding Recipient to be transferred to the State under this Funding Agreement shall not be subject to any lease for longer one year without the express written consent of the State
Leased Land. The Owner hereby leases to the Lessee and the Lessee hereby leases from the Owner the Leased Land for the purposes of the Lessee continuing its industrial activity thereon.
Leased Land. The mining claims comprising the Leased Land may be particularly described as: The AB Claim group located in Carbon County, Wyoming, and further described as follows:
Leased Land. (a) As soon as practical after the Execution Date, Seller shall use its best efforts to, and shall cause the Target Company to, obtain required, proper and valid approvals and permits that would allow the Target Company to legally use, occupy and lease the land parcel of approximately 4,000.02 square meters located at its operation Site to the west of the factory buildings (which was leased by the Target Company from the Fuyang local government with a lease term expiring by July 14, 2020). Upon and after the Closing, Seller shall continue to use its best efforts to ensure that the Target Company will be allowed to continue to use such land for a long term after the Closing (including after the lease expiration in 2020), without any impact on the continued ordinary operation of the Target Company, and shall use its best efforts to cause the Target Company to legally obtain granted land use right to state-owned land with respect to such land as soon as practical which will allow the Target Company to construct buildings and facilities on such land.
Leased Land. “Leased Land” is defined in Section I.A above, exclusive of any improvements existing at any time on such land.
Leased Land. Land leased to the PAA from participating localities under certain terms and conditions Gloucester County Leased Sites Several parcels located in Gloucester County have been acquired by the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors under the FEMA Mitigation Assistance Program. These sites have been visited and evaluated as potential wetland mitigation sites by staff from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Virginia Marine Resource Commission and the Gloucester County Codes Compliance Environmental Program. Leased sites are described as follows: 1. 35 acres Tax Map Number 53-333 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxx 2. 1 acre Tax Map Number 53-286 00000 Xxxxxx Xxxx 3. 4 acres Tax Map Number 53-131 0000 Xxxxxxx Xxxx Road