Department Heads definition

Department Heads for the purpose of the MOU, are those employees consisting of the Chief Financial Officer, DGM Water Resources, DGM Water RightsƒSupply, Director of Administrative Services, DGM Energy Resources, Manager of Water Operations, Director of Parks and Recreation, General Counsel, Manager of Engineering and Operations Energy Resources, Manager of Engineering Water Resources, Hydro−Electric Project Manager, Information Technology Manager, Customer Program Manager,. "Supervisors" consist of the Controller, Senior Engineer, Equipment Supervisor, Water Operations Superintendent, Facilities Superintendent, Customer Service Supervisor, Manager of Public and Government Relations Officer, Risk Management Officer, and Parks and Recreation Superintendent.
Department Heads. In those departments without a designated Department Chair, Department Heads will provide coordination and input on curriculum needs and facilitate communication with their department and the administration. Department Heads will be compensated in the amount of Seventy-Five Dollars ($75.00) per teacher in that department. Department members may annually select the Department Head by a 2/3 supermajority vote of department members and forward their selection to the Principal. No bargaining unit member will be required to assume a Department Chair or Department Head position. Post-Season Participation: Coaches shall be paid additional for extending the season. The additional pay shall be one-twelfth (1/12th) of the supplemental pay for each week beyond the season as a result of participation in post-season tournament(s) through qualification. It is the responsibility of the head coach of the activity or sport to request such additional pay through the building principal.

Examples of Department Heads in a sentence

  • The Borough Administrator is hereby charged with promulgation and enforcement of the Personnel Policy Manual, along with appropriate Department Heads, and with recommending timely changes to the Manual to the mayor and council.

  • Department Heads may be called upon from time to time to participate via teleconference.

  • Budget – Navin is working with Department Heads on the mid-term budget reports.

  • Department Heads will be responsible for ensuring that Faculty Buy-Out is used appropriately.

  • Every administrative employee shall obey the directive of the Department Heads and Supervisors so that the service shall not be in any way held up.

More Definitions of Department Heads

Department Heads means those City employees that are charged with overseeing a particular operational or departmental area and/or their designates.
Department Heads means the individuals assigned administrative responsibility for a department and shall include the Village Treasurer and Village Clerk.
Department Heads means those District employees who are charged with overseeing a particular operational or departmental area and/or their designates.
Department Heads means those persons who are the heads of established
Department Heads means the Chief of Police and Fire Chief.
Department Heads means those employees in charge of departments in the second line level as set out in the Town’s Organizational Chart.