Pests Sample Clauses

Pests. Apartments are certified by Landlord to be pest-free at beginning of Lease term. During the first seven (7) calendar days of tenancy, Landlord will be responsible for all pest removal if Tenant is able to provide evidence of pests. Tenant agrees to be responsible for pest eradication thereafter and during remainder of tenancy.
Pests. Tenant is responsible for maintaining normal insect, pest and rodent control. Prior to Tenant move-in, the Premises were inspected and determined to be free of pest infestation. A clean house and inspection of furniture and other such possessions to be introduced into the Premises are the best prevention. Tenant hereby, given opportunity, certifies that they inspected the Premises either before or at move-in and did not observe any evidence of pests such as cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, ants, spiders, or earwigs, and hereby stipulates that the Premises is free of any pest infestation. Tenant acknowledges that pests that cause infestations can be introduced to the Premises through their personal possessions, especially cockroaches, bed bugs, and fleas, and if Tenant experienced a prior infestation, Tenant shall provide documentation certifying that their dwelling and personal property was treated and certified to be pest-free prior to move-in. Cockroaches, bed bugs, and fleas introduced to the Premises can become an infestation. Tenant must promptly notify Landlord of any known or suspected pest infestation, including any unexpected stings, bites, irritations, or sores that are believed to be caused by a pest. If Landlord confirms the presence of a pest, Xxxxxx agrees to coordinate with Landlord and his agents to clean and treat the Premises. Xxxxxx agrees to follow all directions from Landlord and his agents to clean and treat the Premises. Xxxxxx agrees to remove and personal property that cannot be treated or cleaned. Landlord may have the right to require the Tenant to vacate the Premises and remove all Tenant's possessions at Xxxxxx's expense. Tenant's failure to cooperate shall be considered a breach of Agreement and tenancy may be terminated. Tenant will be responsible for the cost of cleaning and pest control treatments if an infestation is determined upon their move-out. If Landlord must move out other tenants due to the infestation within your dwelling, Tenant may also be responsible for payment of lost rent and other expenses related to the clean up and treatment of the neighboring dwelling. If Xxxxxx chooses to transfer to another property managed by Landlord, Xxxxxx agrees to have their personal possessions treated by Xxxxxxxx's approved pest control provider prior to move-in. Landlord strongly recommends Tenant obtain renter's insurance that specifically covers such instances.
Pests. Owner is giving the leased property free of insects, rodents, and pests at move-in. Tenant agrees to pay for a pest control service if needed after the sixtieth (60th) day of initial move-in. In the case of new leases where some occupants from the previous lease have signed a new lease and remained with other new parties, the time period is the (30th) day from the start of the new lease. If tenants suspect bedbugs owner MUST be notified immediately. Bedbug bites will appear on arms, legs or any exposed area as you sleep. Any bed bug issues left unreported by tenants and left to spread throughout the entire building or adjacent buildings will be subject to legal action by the landlord. Tenant must notify owner or ownersrepresentative at the very first suspicion of bed bugs.
Pests. (a) The lessor warrants that pest control treatment has been carried out on the premises immediately prior to commencement of the tenancy.
Pests. If the Premises become infested with rodents, vermin or pests, the Tenant will promptly remedy the same at the Tenant’s cost.
Pests. Lessee shall be responsible to keep said premises free from all pests at Lessee’s expense, including but not limited to: ants, wasps, mice, roaches, fleas, bedbugs, spiders, etc. after 10 days of taking possession of said premises and through the end of their tenancy, which shall end when possession of premises is surrendered back to Landlord, their agents and/or assigns and the move-out inspection has been completed by Management. By initialing below, you acknowledge and agree to the terms in Section 4. X S L Sample Lease
Pests. Owner is giving the leased property free of insects, rodents, and pests at move-in. Xxxxxx agrees to pay for a pest control service if needed after the thirtieth (30th) day of move-in.
Pests. Landlord is providing the Leased Premises to Tenants free of insects, rodents, and pests (including bed bugs) at move-in. Tenant agrees to immediately notify Landlord in the event that Tenant discovers an infestation during the term of this lease or any renewal thereof. In addition, Tenant agrees to follow all instructions during mitigation and extermination process. Tenants agree to pay for a pest control service if the need for such service becomes apparent after the 48-hour inspection period has elapsed. It is the Tenantsresponsibility to keep the Leased Premises clean and free of trash/yard waste in an effort to discourage pests from entering the Leased Premises.
Pests. The Tenant shall use, at the Tenant's cost, such pest extermination and control contractor as the Landlord may from time to time reasonably direct and at such intervals as the Landlord may reasonably require, and the Tenant shall carry out such specific and other measures, and will report to the Landlord (including reports of inspections and services of the pest extermination and control contractor) as the Landlord may from time to time reasonably require. The Landlord may from time to time itself take any or all such measures, and the Tenant shall reimburse the Landlord for all reasonable costs, charges or expenses related thereto. The Landlord and its pest extermination and control contractor may enter the Premises at any time for the purposes of pest control in the Terminal Building including the Premises.
Pests. Should the Premises become infested with rodents, vermin or the like, the Occupant shall forthwith remedy the same and shall use, at the Occupant's cost, such pest extermination contractor as Equitable may direct and at such intervals as Equitable may require as being necessary by reason of the conditions in the Premises.