Contamination Sample Clauses

Contamination. The presence in, on or under land, air or water of a substance (whether a solid, liquid, gas, odour, heat, sound, vibration or radiation) at a concentration above the concentration at which the substance is normally present in, on or under land, air or water in the same locality, that presents a risk of Environmental Harm, including harm to human health or any other aspect of the Environment, or could otherwise give rise to a risk of non-compliance with any Statutory Requirement for the protection of the Environment.
Contamination. (a) HMQ shall be responsible for Contamination on, in or under, or migrating to or from, the Site, except for any such Contamination:
Contamination. Lessee shall not cause, suffer or permit any Contamination;
Contamination. The Operator shall use at least Prudent Industry Practice to ensure that no Products shall be contaminated with scale or other materials, chemicals, water or any other impurities.
Contamination. (a) For the purposes of applicable environmental legislation, Owner shall be deemed to have control and management of the Site with respect to Pre-Existing Environmental Site Conditions.
Contamination. Each load of salt having contaminants in it (e.g. trash, pavement chunks, tarps, etc…) shall be subject to rejection at no cost to MaineDOT. If MaineDOT elects to keep the delivery, a penalty of 5% will be applied to each load, in addition to any other applicable penalties that may be in effect.
Contamination. WE DO NOT INSURE loss, damage or expenses caused directly or indirectly by contamination resulting from infectious disease.
Contamination. The Tenant must not do or omit to do anything that would or may cause any Hazardous Material or Waste to escape, leak or be spilled or deposited on the Premises, discharged from the Premises or migrate to or from the Premises. At the End Date, the Tenant must, at its own cost, carry out any remediation (as defined in Part 2A of the 0000 Xxx) reasonably required by the Landlord to make good, rectify, remove, treat or make harmless any Contamination. [It is acknowledged and agreed between the Landlord and the Tenant that the Tenant will not have any liability to make good, rectify, remove, treat or make harmless any Hazardous Material or Waste in, on or under the Premises at the date on which the Tenant first took occupation of the Premises unless any works to the Premises carried out by the Tenant would or may cause that Hazardous Material or Waste to escape, leak or be spilled onto any adjoining premises.]
Contamination. The insured person is not covered for the treatment of any conditions, or for any claim arising directly or indirectly from chemical or biological contamination, however caused, or from contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear material whatsoever, asbestosis, including expenses in any way caused by or contributed to by an act of war or terrorism.
Contamination. 8.1.1. The CARRIER shall ensure that any act or omission on his part or his crew does not contaminate the products entrusted to him by ISRPL in terms of this Agreement. If the products get contaminated due to any reason whatsoever and such contamination is confirmed as per the findings of the Laboratory Test report of ISRPL or any other agency as may be determined by ISRPL, the contaminated product will be disposed off at ISRPL’s discretion. The difference between the cost of the product entrusted to the CARRIER and value recovered from such disposal along with other incidental expenses will be recovered by ISRPL from the CARRIER.