Medium Density Fibreboard Sample Clauses

Medium Density Fibreboard. Unless specified otherwise, all MDF boarding shall be fire-rated conforming to Euroclasss B, in line with details stipulated in point 5.1.1, above, and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification. All faces and edges of MDF shall be sealed with paint unless otherwise specified. No unfinished MDF shall be stored on site. SWC to advise on thickness of MDF to suit each application, detail drawings are indicative. ZF MDF to be used where indicated on drawings and for all showcases and showcase interiors.
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Medium Density Fibreboard. Unless specified otherwise, all MDF boards shall be fire-rated conforming to Euroclass C under BS476 Part 7 and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification. All MDF faces and edges shall be sealed with paint. No unfinished MDF shall be stored on site. The GC shall advise on the thickness of MDF to suit each application - detail drawings are indicative. MDF shall be light resistant to comply with BS1006 and be a Class A board. Machined surfaces must be smooth and free from any machining defects.

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  • Temperature Where low temperature and/or self-service cases are used for any of such merchandise coming under the jurisdiction of the Union, such cases shall be served only by employees covered by this Agreement.

  • ROAD DIMENSIONS Purchaser shall perform road work in accordance with the dimensions shown on the TYPICAL SECTION SHEET and the specifications within this road plan.

  • Programming Phase Schematic Design Phase: Design Development Phase:

  • Exterior Drainage Does water stand on the property for more than 24 hours after a heavy rain? Yes No Unknown Comments Are gutters and downspouts in good repair? Yes No Unknown Comments:

  • Unbundled Channelization (Multiplexing) 5.7.1 To the extent NewPhone is purchasing DS1 or DS3 or STS-1 Dedicated Transport pursuant to this Agreement, Unbundled Channelization (UC) provides the optional multiplexing capability that will allow a DS1 (1.544 Mbps) or DS3 (44.736 Mbps) or STS-1 (51.84 Mbps) Network Elements to be multiplexed or channelized at a BellSouth central office. Channelization can be accomplished through the use of a multiplexer or a digital cross-connect system at the discretion of BellSouth. Once UC has been installed, NewPhone may request channel activation on a channelized facility and BellSouth shall connect the requested facilities via COCIs. The COCI must be compatible with the lower capacity facility and ordered with the lower capacity facility. This service is available as defined in NECA 4.

  • Fire Suppression Unless prevented by circumstances over which he, she or it has no control, the Purchaser shall place qualified employees, contractors and employees of contractors and all equipment at the disposal of any authorized State, County, or Federal Forest Officer for the purpose of fighting forest fires. Payment for such services shall be made at rates to be determined by the Forest Officer, which shall be within a range of payment rates shown in the Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook, NWCG Handbook 2. Any employees or equipment furnished by the Purchaser, contractors or employees of contractors, shall be relieved from fire fighting as soon as it is practicable for the Forest Officer to obtain other adequate labor or equipment.

  • Signaling Parameters All SS7 signaling parameters will be provided in conjunction with traffic exchange trunk groups, where and as available. These parameters include Automatic Number Identification ("ANI"), Calling Party Number ("CPN"), Privacy Indicator, calling party category information, originating line information, charge number, etc. Also included are all parameters relating to network signaling information, such as Carrier Information Parameter ("CIP"), wherever such information is needed for call routing or billing. GTE will provide SS7 via GR-394-SS7 and/or GR-317-SS7 format(s).

  • Access Toll Connecting Trunk Group Architecture 9.2.1 If CBB chooses to subtend a Verizon access Tandem, CBB’s NPA/NXX must be assigned by CBB to subtend the same Verizon access Tandem that a Verizon NPA/NXX serving the same Rate Center Area subtends as identified in the LERG.

  • Dimensions Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience. Experience: A minimum of 10 years of IT (including Web/Internet, database applications and data warehousing) and business/industry work experience, with at least 3 years of leadership experience in managing multiple, large, cross-functional teams or project, and influencing senior level management and key stakeholders.

  • Road Surfaces (1) Grade, shape, crown, and/or outslope surface and shoulders.

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