GOLF CARTS Sample Clauses

GOLF CARTS. Guests and Visitors may use the golf cart(s) located in the enclosed garage during occupancy; one key is provided per cart. The cart(s) should be recharged overnight every night whenever the battery indicator shows a low battery condition (the charger is in the garage by the golf cart parking area). A
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GOLF CARTS. Manager shall keep all city golf carts in a clean and safe working condition at all times. This shall include washing and removal of trash after each round, filling ball and club washers when needed, examining each cart for damage after each round, staging golf carts in the morning and securing in the evenings. An annual visual audit shall be completed by a representative of the City and the Manager in November or December. Every effort should be made by the Manager and all staff members to reduce cart damage. Any damage that is documented shall be pursued by the Manager. If the Manager is unable to collect from the responsible third party, the City shall be notified and may assist with this collection. Proper cart incident forms shall be forwarded to the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department along with all reasonable effort to collect from responsible party within twenty (20) days of notice of the damage. Any damage that is not documented with the approved forms will be determined to be the responsibility of the Manager. Any golf cart damage that is documented and cannot be collected shall be shared by the City and the Manager on an 83% City/17% Manager basis unless otherwise agreed in writing.
GOLF CARTS. The golf cart owner is responsible at all times for the supervision of their golf cart. Each owner MUST purchase liability insurance and provide a copy to management when registering their cart annually.
GOLF CARTS. The use of golf carts on Xxxxxx Creek Resort property is a privilege, which will be revoked if the golf cart rules are not followed! - You must have liability insurance on your golf cart from the beginning and throughout each season - A licensed driver is to be in the front seat of the golf cart at all times while in operation. - All manufacturer safety devices must be in proper working order - Only the number of people the cart was designed for shall ride in the cart - All pedestrians have the right of way - Please drive slowly and be aware of your surroundings - The golf cart owner is responsible for any damages caused by their cart - Drive on the roads only - Night Driving - All carts must have securely mounted headlights and must be turned on at dusk. - All carts are to be parked in the designated area while at the pond. No driving around the pond. - Scooters, 4-wheelers, UTV,s, etc.. are prohibited
GOLF CARTS. A Member may purchase his or herand own a golf cart provided it is stored in such Member's golf cart garage when not in use in accordance with Section 7.18 hereof. An annual trail fee, to be determined by the Board in its sole discretion, shall be charged by the Foundation to any such Member in lieu of cart fees. No Member may utilize their golf cart on any Common Area, inclusive of streets and the Country Club Facility lands, unless and until the Owner has complied with the Board adopted rules and regulationsRules and Regulations governing the use of golf carts within Quail West, as amended from time to time.
GOLF CARTS. All requirements must be made before operating golf cart in campground! ** REQUIREMENTS: BEFORE OPERATING A GOLF CART, YOUR SITE NUMBER IN 4”+ SIZE MUST BE APPLIED TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT FENDER OR WHEREVER IT IS BEST VISIBLE, AND ITS VIEW SHALL NEVER BE OBSTRUCTED WHILE OFF YOUR SITE. If you purchase someone’s golf cart or move to a new site, you must update the cart’s number before operating off your Campsite. If a golf cart with your site number is found to be in violation, you will be subject to the consequences regardless of whether you were operating or involved. All vehicles must abide by the SPEED LIMIT OF 5 - 7 MPH. AS POSTED! ONLY ONE CART PER SITE IS ALLOWED. WHEN: HOURS OF GOLF CART OPERATION: 8AM TO 10:15PM. Any golf cart not on their own site outside of these hours may be subject to loosing golf cart privileges! WHO: ONLY THE REGISTERED ADULTS 21+ LISTED ON YOUR SIGNED AGREEMENTS are allowed to drive your golf cart. WE DO NOT ALLOW GUESTS TO DRIVE CARTS! Children are not allowed to drive golf carts on campground property, INCLUDING SITTING ON YOUR LAP! WHERE: Golf carts must only be driven on gravel roads, or on a camper’s site, ONLY if invited to do so. The few exceptions such as around the main building, playgrounds, etc., have been posted in the office. Please review this prior to driving your golf cart! TRAILS: GOLF CARTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED ON THE SOUTHERN MARKED “RIDGE TRAIL” AND THE FIRST PART OF “SHADY TRAIL”. Golf carts have done $3,000.00 damage to the xxxxxx’x field 4 years ago. Fines and loss of golf cart use will be imposed to anyone found driving where they don’t belong! OBEY SIGNS AND KEEP ON THE AUTHORIZED CART TRAILS. VIOLATORS MAY LOSE THE PRIVILEGE TO USE ANY GOLF CART ON THE PROPERTY AND MAY HAVE IT REMOVED FROM THE PLAYFUL GOOSE PROPERTY!
GOLF CARTS. Guests and Visitors may use the golf cart(s) located in the enclosed garage during occupancy; one key
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GOLF CARTS. This endorsement insures the motorized golf cart(s) as described in the Policy Declarations, while on the Premises, on a golf course, while in transit on a licensed trailer, or while stored in a Golf Club facility where the insured is a member in good standing. The Insurer is not liable under this Coverage for any damage occurring on a public road unless the golf cart is licensed in accordance with the jurisdiction and is crossing a road that intersects the golf course.
GOLF CARTS. Should only be driven by someone with a valid driver’s license. This is for the safety of the cart owners and the residents. Golf carts must be fully insured with proof of insurance on file with management. If operated at night, proper lighting is required. No reckless operation of carts will be tolerated.
GOLF CARTS. OPERATOR shall procure on behalf of the CITY and maintain in good condition power-driven golf carts in sufficient numbers to meet the public demand as set forth in the Golf Course Manual. OPERATOR shall use its best efforts to negotiate any golf cart obligation so that the obligation terminates upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement. If the term of such obligation extends beyond the term of this Agreement, OPERATOR shall first obtain approval from CITY, and following the end of the term of this Agreement, OPERATOR shall assign, and CITY shall assume, such obligation, subject to City Council approval of a budgetary appropriation for that obligation. The Parks Director shall have the right, in Parks Director’s sole and absolute discretion, to require a change in the number or types of golf carts in use at the Golf Course; provided, however, that the CITY shall increase or decrease the applicable Direct Cost Budget(s) reasonably to account for resulting increased or decreased Direct Costs. Prior to procuring golf carts, OPERATOR shall give the Parks Director written documentation concerning the type of golf cart to be acquired. OPERATOR shall acquire golf carts in accordance with the Parks Director’s written approval. All carts shall be four-wheel, electric vehicles, and shall be equipped as determined by OPERATOR. OPERATOR may prohibit the use of golf carts on the Golf Course whenever weather conditions expose the user to danger or the Golf Course to damage. OPERATOR shall employ or contract for an on-site mechanic who is able to repair and maintain golf carts.
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