Access to the Property Sample Clauses

Access to the Property. At such times as COUNTY and PURCHASER may mutually agree prior to the closing, COUNTY shall provide to PURCHASER or to its employees, agents, and contractors: (i) reasonable access to the Property and to the books, records, and personnel of COUNTY relating thereto for the purpose of making any surveys, inspections, or investigations permitted by this Agreement; and (ii) such information regarding the Property as PURCHASER or its employees, agents, and contractors may reasonably request. PURCHASER shall promptly repair any damage to the Property caused by its or any such person(s) entry upon the Property and shall hold COUNTY harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees and court costs) arising out of or in connection with any such entry upon the Property.
Access to the Property. 1. We and our representatives shall only have access to the Property during the Vendor's normal business hours upon reasonable notice to the Vendor, at our sole risk and expense. Such site visits shall be conducted in the presence of a representative of the Vendor, in a manner that minimizes interference with the use of the Property and does not contravene any leases or unreasonably interfere with any Tenants. We and our representatives shall not have any communications with Tenants or their employees without the prior written approval of the Vendor and in the presence of a representative of the Vendor.
Access to the Property. The Property Owner hereby grants permission to the County; the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board); the San Mateo County Mosquito Abatement District (Mosquito Abatement District); and their respective authorized agents and employees to enter upon the Property at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner to inspect, assess or observe the stormwater treatment measure(s) in order to ensure that treatment measures are being properly maintained and are continuing to perform in an adequate manner to protect water quality and the public health and safety. This includes the right to enter upon the Property whenever there is a reasonable basis to believe that a violation of this Agreement, the County’s Stormwater Manage- ment Ordinance, guidelines, criteria, other written direction, or the NPDES Permit (and any amendments or re-issuances of this permit) is occurring, has occurred or threatens to occur. The above-listed agencies shall also have a right to enter the Property when necessary for abatement of a public nuisance or correction of a violation of the ordinance, guidelines, criteria or other written direction. The County, Regional Board, or the Mosquito Abatement District shall provide reasonable (as may be appropriate for the particular circumstances) notice to the Property Owner before entering the Property and shall not interfere with the Property Owner’s tenants, guest, licensees and invitees during any such entry.
Access to the Property. Borrower shall permit agents, representatives and employees of Lender to inspect the Property or any part thereof at reasonable hours upon reasonable advance notice.
Access to the Property. Upon one Business Daysnotice to Seller, Purchaser and its agents, employees, and representatives shall have a continuing right of reasonable access to the Property during the pendency of this Agreement for the purpose of conducting surveys, engineering, geotechnical, and environmental inspections and tests (including intrusive inspection and sampling), and any other inspections, studies, or tests reasonably required by Purchaser. In the course of its investigations Purchaser may make inquiries to third parties including, without limitation, the tenant under the Lease, lenders, contractors, and municipal, local, and other government officials and representatives, and Seller consents to such inquiries. Purchaser shall keep the Property free and clear of any liens and will indemnify, defend, and hold Seller harmless from all claims and liabilities asserted against Seller as a result of any such entry by Purchaser, its agents, employees, or representatives, excluding any claims or liabilities (i) arising from Purchaser’s discovery of any condition relating to the Property, or (ii) to the extent arising out of the gross negligence of Seller or its agents, employees or representatives.. If any inspection or test disturbs the Property, Purchaser will restore the Property to the same condition as existed prior to any such inspection or test. Purchaser shall obtain, maintain and provide Seller with proof of comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000.00 combined, single limit coverage per occurrence, issued by an insurer that is authorized to do business in the State of Florida and has a Best rating of B+ VII or higher, and naming Seller an additional insured. At least one day prior to entering the Property, Purchaser shall deliver to Seller a certificate of insurance evidencing insurance coverage in compliance with the foregoing terms. The general liability policy required by the provisions of this Section 2.2 may be made a part of a blanket policy of insurance so long as such blanket policy contains all of the provisions required under this Section 2.2. Purchaser’s obligations under this Section 2.2 shall survive the Closing and any termination of this Agreement.
Access to the Property. Lessors reserves for himself and his employees, agents and representatives, the right to go upon the property at all times.
Access to the Property. On the start date for construction, Owner shall grant full access to the Property and Home to any authorized employees, representatives or agents of Contractor, subcontractors/suppliers, CM, NCORR and employees of federal, state or local governmental entities with appropriate legal authority as may be required to make inspections of the construction or Property, auditing, and/or monitoring compliance with CDBG-DR requirements. Access to the Property and notices of intent to access to the Property shall be in accordance with the safety protocols, NCORR’s grant agreement with Owner, Post-Closing Instructions, and Notice to Proceed. Owner agrees to cooperate with Contractor and CM, and not to unreasonably interfere with or delay the work on the Project or inspections of the Home and Property during construction. Owner shall be permitted access to the Property during construction but must comply with Contractor’s safety protocols and Owner should make reasonable efforts to schedule a visit of the Project Site with Contractor. Owner understands that safety protocols and/or Contractor insurance requirements prohibit Owner from accessing the construction outside the presence of Contractor and/or its subcontractors including those hours when no work is being performed. Contractor shall, in a professional and courteous manner, raise with Owner any safety issues, concerns, delays and/or problems Contractor and/or its subcontractors have experienced concerning Owner’s access or visits to the Project site. If Contractor’s efforts to resolve these matters with Owner has not resulted in Owner’s compliance with the access limitation and/or safety protocols, Contractor shall provide notice to CM and NCORR. CM or NCORR may take the actions set forth in the grant agreement to obtain Owner’s compliance to the limitations of access and/or safety protocols including but not limited to revoking access to the Home by Owner unless visits are coordinated with Contractor and/or CM.
Access to the Property. During the Due Diligence Period, the Purchaser and the Purchaser's Representatives shall have the right to enter upon the Property for the sole purpose of inspecting the Property and making surveys, soil borings, engineering tests and other investigations, inspections and tests (collectively, "Investigations"), provided (i) the Purchaser shall give the Seller not less than one (1) business days' prior written notice before each entry, (ii) the first such notice shall include sufficient information to permit the Seller to review the scope of the proposed Investigations, and (iii) neither the Purchaser nor the Purchaser's Representatives shall permit any borings, drillings or samplings to be done on the Property without the Seller's prior written consent. Any entry upon the Property and all Investigations shall be during the Seller's normal business hours and at the sole risk and expense of the Purchaser and the Purchaser's Representatives, and shall not interfere with the activities on or about the Property of the Seller, its tenants and their employees and invitees. The Purchaser shall:
Access to the Property. (a) The Partnership and/or its agents and representatives, during normal business hours and after reasonable advance notice to First Commercial, may enter into the office of First Commercial where its books and records are located and enter upon any of the Real Property from time to time prior to the Closing Date, accompanied by an agent of First Commercial, for purposes of conducting such inspections, investigations and/or studies as the Partnership deems necessary, including, without limitation, financial, operational and historical reviews of the Real Property and First Commercial, physical inspections, lease reviews and environmental reviews and testing, which activities may include test borings and soil samplings (the "Partnership's Due Diligence Activities"). The Partnership's access to the Real Property shall be subject to the rights of the Tenants of any of the Real Property, who shall not be unreasonably disturbed during any such inspection by the Partnership. The Partnership shall not engage in any activity in or about the Real Property which directly or indirectly violates the terms of any governmental or quasi-governmental statute, rule, regulation, order or practice. The Partnership shall not make any physical changes to any of the Real Property, except for test borings and soil samplings which shall be performed only by licensed engineers reasonably acceptable to First Commercial and only after three (3) business days' prior notice to First Commercial. The Partnership may contact any governmental or quasi-governmental authorities concerning the Property without the prior written approval of First Commercial. First Commercial shall have the opportunity to observe any and all action taken by the Partnership or its representatives, consultants, agents, etc. pursuant to this Paragraph 10. All information set forth in any document which First Commercial has granted to the Partnership the express right to review, if any, shall be held in strict confidence until Closing and thereafter in the event Closing does not occur. If the Partnership violates its obligations under this Paragraph 10(a) or in the event of any physical damage to any of the Real Property or any Personal Property resulting, directly or indirectly, from the exercise by the Partnership of its rights under this Paragraph 10(a), the Partnership hereby agrees to restore the Real Property and Personal Property to their respective conditions prior to incurring such damage. The Partnership...
Access to the Property. 5.1 You or anyone living with you must allow us, our employees and any other authorised person’s safe access to the Property. We will provide you with at least 24 hours notice in writing, (except in an emergency - see condition 5.4) setting out the reason we require access and the date and time of our visit.