Trash Sample Clauses

Trash. Tenant shall not allow anything to be placed on the outside of the Building, nor shall anything be thrown by Tenant out of the windows or doors, or down the corridors, elevator shafts, or ventilating ducts or shafts of the Building. All trash shall be placed in receptacles provided by Tenant on the Premises or in any receptacles provided by Landlord for the Building.
Trash. All garbage, refuse, trash and other waste shall be kept in the kind of container, placed in the areas, and prepared for collection in the manner and at the times and places specified by Landlord, subject to Lease provisions respecting Hazardous Materials. Landlord reserves the right to require that Tenant participate in any recycling program designated by Landlord.
Trash. All persons parking in the parking garage or parking areas shall refrain from throwing trash, ashtray contents, or other debris on the garage floor or parking areas.
Trash. All garbage, trash, and recyclable items are to be placed in tightly sealed containers and placed in the designated containers in the designated pickup area. Trash not disposed of in the designated area will be charged to the Tenant’s account at the rate of $10.00 per bag, box, or container. If professional carpet or other cleaning is needed as the result of leaking trash containers in the common areas, the full charge of such service will be assessed to the responsible unit’s residents. Tenant, Jointly & Severally Tenant, Jointly & Severally Tenant, Jointly & Severally Agent date NONSTANDARD RENTAL PROVISIONS ADDENDUM Equipment or Structure Failure In the unlikely event of equipment or structure failure, i.e., refrigerator, oven, air conditioner, roof, window, skylight, laundry equipment, etc., Landlord will make timely and reasonable efforts to repair such equipment or structure as possible during normal business hours. Air conditioners will be repaired outside of normal business hours only during times of extreme high temperatures and medical necessity subject to the availability of service personnel. Should there be any loss to Tenant’s possessions for any reason due to equipment or structure failure, reimbursement for such items’ loss shall be solely compensated via Tenant’s rentersinsurance coverage. Landlord assumes no responsibility for reimbursement of any of Tenant’s personal possessions, alternative lodging needs, or rental fee abatement as the result of equipment or structure failure.
Trash. All trash/recycling must be bagged, kept in tightly sealed containers, and placed outside for pickup no sooner than 12 hours before the assigned pickup day. If a dumpster is provided, trash must be placed inside the dumpster. Trash/recycling is to be properly placed by the street for pickup on the appropriate day of the week, or inside dumpsters provided on the property, whichever is applicable. Tenant is responsible for knowing the correct trash pick-up day. Unless the residence has an on-site dumpster, it is Tenant’s responsibility to ensure that all refuse/recyclables/large items are removed from the leased premises and/or grounds which specifically includes items left at the curb and interior and exterior trash/recycling bins when Tenant vacates. Failure by Tenant to remove any such items/trash from the premises and/or grounds when Tenant vacates will result in cleaning and/or removal fees at Tenant’s sole expense.
Trash. Lessee shall store all trash and garbage within the areas as established by Lessor for such purposes within the Property. Lessee shall not allow refuse, garbage or trash to accumulate in or around the Equipment Room/s.
Trash. No contractor trash may be placed in Building compactors or dumpsters. No trash may be put in the common area. All trash must be stored in the M-T-M Space. All trash must be removed daily, after Building hours. Tenant’s contractor shall be allowed only two dumpsters on site at any one time. All costs associated with the dumpsters shall be at contractor’s expense. The areas around the dumpsters shall be kept clean and free of debris. The dumpster locations shall be designated by the Landlord.
Trash. Trash must be placed in a closed, tied plastic trash bag and placed where designated by Landlord. Large items such as cardboard boxes must be folded flat. Tenants must make their own arrangements for the removal of unwanted furniture, mattresses, etc. If Landlord has to remove any of Tenant’s discarded items that do not fit inside a 30-gallon trash bag, Landlord will charge Tenant for cost of removal.