The Leased Property Sample Clauses

The Leased Property. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Lessor hereby delivers to the Lessee the use and temporary possession of the Leased Property and the Lessee accepts the same and agrees to be obligated to use and enjoy the Leased Property in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the applicable Laws.
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The Leased Property. 2.1 The leased property which consists of a store, offices, stockroom, garbage storage and a part of technical room on the ground/floor is a total of 1.176,5 square meters (hereafter SM), but included in that figures is a 142,4 sm. mezzanine. If the size of the mezzanine changes the rent changes according to that.
The Leased Property. The parties agree to extend the leased spaces under the Basic Lease Agreement (as amended by Addenda 1 to 18) with effect from 1/01/2020: at the Mechelen Campus office site at Schaliënhoevedreef 20F in 2800 Mechelen:
The Leased Property. Areas on the second floor and on the fifth floor, as set forth hereafter, in building no. 11 in Kiryat Weizmann Science Park in Xxxx Xxxxx (hereinafter respectively: the “Building”, the “Park”), as marked in red on the blueprint attached to this agreement as appendix “C” and as set forth in the technical specifications attached as appendix “I”.
The Leased Property. Under the covenants made under this agreement, the LESSOR hereby delivers in lease to the LESSEE, and the LESSEE receives in lease, the use and temporary possession of the Leased Property that is built to this date. The LESSOR covenants and agrees to deliver the use and possession of the remaining portion of the Leased Property to the LESSEE, and the LESSEE covenants and agrees to receive same, as the construction thereof is finalized.
The Leased Property. Under the terms of this Lease Contract, the LESSOR hereby delivers in lease to the LESSEE, the temporary use, enjoyment and possession of a certain plot of land (the "Land") and the building for industrial use constructed thereon (the "Building"), situated at Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx 0000, in the City of Xxxxxx, State of Chihuahua, Mexico. Said Land consists of a surface area of approximately 11,444.63 square meters (equivalent to approximately 123,189 square feet). Building contains a total area of approximately 4,269.13 square meters (equivalent to approximately 45,931 square feet). The Land and the Building are herein jointly referred to as the "Leased Property" and are shown on the plan that is attached to this Lease Contract as Exhibit "A". SECOND -- OWNERSHIP OF THE LEASED PROPERTY: LESSOR has the clear and unrestricted ownership and control of the Leased Property, and the LESSEE shall have the quiet enjoyment of it. LESSOR and LESSEE agree that as provided by Article 2308 of the Civil Code of the State of Chihuahua, this Lease Contract shall survive any future transfer of the Leased Property or foreclosure of any lien or mortgage on the Leased Property and that any default by LESSOR in payment of any such lien or mortgage shall in no way prejudice the terms of this Lease Contract; or otherwise affect LESSEE's rights under this Lease Contract; and that any mortgage on the Leased Property shall contain a provision acknowledging the existence and duration of this Lease Contract and the agreement by the Lender or holder of such mortgage not to disturb LESSEE's peaceful and quiet possession and enjoyment of the Leased Property or the rights of LESSEE under this Lease Contract. LESSOR represents that now and when Final Occupancy is delivered to LESSEE, the Leased Property is and will not be in violation of any Federal, State or Municipal Laws that are applicable to the Leased Property in accordance with this Lease Contract and to LESSOR. THIRD -- DELIVERY OF THE LEASED PROPERTY: The LESSOR will deliver the Leased Property to LESSEE, for beneficial occupancy (the "Beneficial Occupancy") upon execution of this Lease Contract (hereinafter the "Effective Date"). The obligation of LESSEE for payments of insurance, utilities, and the maintenance under this Lease Contract will commence on the Effective Date. Upon execution hereof LESSOR will commence the construction of the Improvements to the Leased Property listed in Exhibit "B". The cost of the Improvements to Leas...
The Leased Property. The Lessor agrees to grant a lease and the Lessee agrees to accept a lease for land and improvements to which the Lessor has title, the said land and improvements described in Deed No. 13234, having an area of 18 Rai, 3 Ngan, 61 Tarangwa (approximately 7.28 acres, or 2.94 hectares) located at 00 Xxxxxx 0, Xxxxxx-Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xx. 00, Xxxx Samak Sub-district, Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao Province, and including public utilities, roads, and other improvements erected on the premises and buildings in their present condition (The entirety to be referred to as “the leased property”) as they appear in the details presented in Documents 1 and 2.
The Leased Property. The Lessee additionally leases at the office park “Intercity Business Park”, located at the Xxxxxxxx Xx Xxxxxxxxx 0000 Xxxxxxxx 83 temporary outdoor parking spaces with nos: 359B, 360-365, 645-646, 686-688, 1012-1066, 1104-1119, As these spaces are shown on the floor plan which was attached to this addendum as Annex 1 and which is an integral part thereof.
The Leased Property. Dock has not caused a Release of Hazardous Materials on or at the Leased Property in connection with its use or occupancy of the Leased Property prior to the Closing Date for which Dock is, was or will in the future be required to perform Remedial Actions pursuant to applicable Environmental Laws.